The fun thing about being a Mom

There are many benefits to being a mom. But one of the real perks (at this stage in my motherhood) is being able to hang out with your friends at the park during the day. The kids run around and the moms get to chat.
We recently re-instituted our Park Day and there's been a huge turnout. Since the weather was overcast, I brought my camera (mostly to snap photos of Doris's new baby) but got pictures of our fun friends too. I actually combined two park day parties in this post. Sorry I didn't get pics of everyone. There are more of you out there! I'll have to snap you next time.

Some of the moms hanging out:
Summer (their favorite nursery leader) with Grace and Adam :
The highlight of the day was that we found a gopher popping his head out of the ground!
The kids tormented him by filling up his hole. But he kept popping back out:
Danielle and Caden. All the kids love Danielle because she will play and sing songs with them:
Hannah through a water bottle:

April and Camdyn:
Doris and new baby Helene:
What a cutie. I loved taking pictures of her.
Owen Hunt:
Megan and Elijah (LOVE that smile):
Natalie and Fallon:
Niki and Mia:
The Andersons (Jean, Weston, and Tim):
Adorably pregnant Laura Daines (looking like a cute celeb):
Karla and Paige:
my Lucy:
my Owen:
and cute Weston, who just turned 1:
These are the people in our neighborhood! We're lucky we get to play with you all!


The Hunt House said...

Love the adorable pics of Helene. I covet your camera.

Jean said...

We're glad to be neighborinos too!! Thanks for all the fabulous pics. You (and your trusty sidekick, New Camera) are awesome!!

Joe and Marci said...

Cute, cute kids!! Looks like a fun group...and I love Owen's new 'do.
Maybe if the snow melts here we can finally get back to the park...

debra said...

I love seeing familiar faces on your blog... I wanna be your neighbor too! Lauren was also in my stake in Glendora. Love the small world we live in!

I can't wait for park days up here, once it's warm enough!

Saunja said...

I WISH we could hang out at the park! Pretty soon it will be warm enough. Funny about the kids and the gopher. Beautiful baby Helene. And I'm still LOVING Owen's cute hair!

dietcokegrrl said...

Love this post--we really do have a fun group of moms to hang out with!

Thanks again for all the cute pics of Helene--gotta love your camera!

Mom In Az said...

It seems you have the same problem as me, you take all the pictures at the events and there are none of you! I got a Canon too but I am still learning. Too many settings to learn! Yours turned out great.

- Mom is Az (lurker)

Sara said...

Fun times and CUTE pictures. Elijah has the most adorable smile ever! Keep enjoying that nice weather for us!