walking the plank

I love watching Lucy's little mind work. Lately she's been playing with her Backyardigan's pirate ship and loves to make them "walk the plank!". The steering wheel on the ship is right next to the plank, so she thinks the wheel is also called a plank. Well, as we went for a walk the other day in our neighborhood, I pointed out a fire hydrant and asked if she knew what it was. She said, "it's a plank!" And well, I guess she's right. It does look like her pirate ship steering wheel (plank):
Fast forward a few days....and we were on another walk. The local firemen were out testing the fire hydrants in our neighborhood. They drove down our street and stopped at each one, letting out the water and taking a sample. Lucy wanted to chase them down the street and when she got close enough to see what they were doing, she learned what those planks are really for. The firemen were funny and came over to talk us and gave Lucy some stickers. Now our little girl knows what a Fire Hydrant is and will call it by it's proper name. We spent the rest of the walk finding all the hydrants in the neighborhood and noting that, "water comes out of there....but only the firemen can turn it on."

To be a 3 year old, with a HUGE world to learn about.


Lexie & Sharrid said...

I know. Marce is still pretty bratty, maybe that doesn't just automatically leave them when they aren't 2 anymore, but boy is he all the sudden learning everything spiritually, academically...now that's he's 3. It's like a lightswitch was turned on.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what I prefer, this post, or that photo of Lucy. Both are great!

We are HUGE fans of the local firemen, who have always been very kind, and who have served us ice cream at Baskin Robbins and pancakes at the fire house.

Jean said...

That is precious. It's so wonderful to witness a learning moment. Lucy's such a little smarty pants, too!

Saunja said...


Super Kate said...

Oh, that picture...she is BEAUTIFUL!!!