Hanging with Rachael and Laura

My cousin Rachael and her kids are in town for the week. Yesterday we hung out with them in the OC and spent 2 hours at Del Taco while the kids ran around the play structure. It was dreamy, sitting outside in the shade, in 75 degree weather.

Today she and Laura came up here for (yet another) visit to the Noah's Ark exhibit. Though the trip had it's moments, the photos seem to capture everyone at their happy times.

Laura and Ava:
Rachael, Savanna, and Carter:
my kiddos:
I refrained from taking indoor photos (since the lighting outside is so perfect). And the kids probably had more fun climbing out here than in the exhibit.
Lucy jumping around:
Owen sitting around:
and laughing.
Laura and Ava:and a token picture of the photographer:
We finished the outing with the "rainbow" mister outside. For some reason, the girls were scared to walk through it and stood here on the edge:
So I walked them through, part-way, till Lucy completely freaked out about getting so wet:
But Carter loved it!
Fun having you guys in town! See you again soon!


the bates motel said...

thanks d for hooking us up w/ the tickets. we had a fun time. cute pics too. thanks! yeah your hubby comes home today (and mine too :)!

Becky said...

I love Lucy's skirt. Soo cute!

Suman Family said...

thanks for organizing! you got some great pics. ava has been talking about noah's ark today. she really has fun there. i like that this time she did some different things. it still was new to her. too bad it took two hours to get home!

The Facks of Life said...

ok, just have to say, i love that you buzz owen's hair. we always did that with max and i think it's so cute! he's adorable. (just thought i'd share:)

lyndsey said...

looks like you had fun...guess you won't need another trip to the skirball for a while :) also i think lucy and owen look like twins in the stroller. different sizes, but twin faces :)

Sara said...

what a fun day! Wish we could've been there too!

dietcokegrrl said...

Cute pics--I love the one of Lucy and Owen in the stroller. His face is priceless in that one!

Saunja said...

I want to go to the Noah's Art exhibit while we are here! Can't wait to see you!

Nicole said...

I just love all those pictures. Looks like another great experience at the Skirbal, with amazing weather!

B Brown said...

I can hardly wait to try out Skirbal, clearly the kiddies love it.

sachia said...

AS usual....cuteness all around!!!!