Lucy talking with toys

Lucy loves to play with little figurines: little people, little einsteins, my little ponies, princesses, etc.
It's cute to watch her character play with them. I caught some of it on video. It's a little quiet at first, but it goes something like this:

(June and Annie are playing together)
June, do you want to go down the slide with me?
I don't think so, maybe.
Maybe we can go down the slide together?
(and then something about looking at the pictures on my camera)


Nicole said...

That is so ADORABLE!!! Our girls do that too and I LOVE just sitting back and listening. I have to hide so they don't see me, if they do they get shy and stop. I waste a lot of "my time" doing that unfortunatly, but boy the things they come up with. I LOVE it! Ia m glad you caught it on video.

dana said...

Yes! Exactly! She was actually doing it even cuter before I came in with the camera but she still entertained me for a bit. It' so adorable to see what their little minds come up with :).

Saunja said...

Oh, I just LOVE little Lucy. I'm so glad we got to see you guys!! I could spend much more time with your cute family!!

Becky said...

how cute. I love how she tucks her hair behind her ear, it's so sweet.

Claudia said...

so cute! she is such a smart girl. i love how she didn't really mind that you were watching :o)

Joe and Marci said...

I watched this with Camri sitting on my lap and she started talking to Lucy. They are virtual BFFs.

Jean said...

Hahahaha!! That's so adorable! She's gonna love videos like this when she's older. :-)

Sara said...

Hilarious! We love hearing her little voice! She is so dang cute.