4 months old

Owen turned 4 months old on Monday. He's become a happy little guy in the past few weeks. He squeals, coos, and enjoys just laying on his play mat looking in the mirror at himself. It's so nice! We go see his allergist again on Saturday, so no current update on the formula (except that he seems really happy. I'm not sure if it's from the formula though or if she's just growing up and finding more to entertain himself). The only bummer this week is that we're all sick. We all went to the doctor yesterday and found out we have sinus infections, even the little guy. Poor thing. So he hasn't been sleeping as well at night as I'd like (or need since I'm sick too). We're all on antibiotics. I hope that by next week, we're all feeling better! The past week has been rough. But on to cuter things. Here are Owen's 4 month old stats (and his little foot )
* weighs 13lbs 9 ozs
* drinks 3-4 0zs of formula
* loves to suck on his hand and can make some crazy sounds
* smiles and smiles when you look at him. so cute
* seems a little more content in his car seat when he's awake
* laughs when tickled
* rolled off the couch. um...
* sleeps in his crib!
* was sleeping 6 hours but has reverted to sleeping 2 hour stretches at night. Ugh. Hopefully it's just because he's sick.
* is just a cute little guy. We love it when he smiles and kicks his legs around. We think he's adorable.


dietcokegrrl said...

Sorry you guys are sick!

I can't believe Owen is 4 months already--he is so darling!! Cute pics!

teresa and the boys said...

What a cutie-pie! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Suman Family said...

we think he's pretty cute too! i am always thinking about owen on the 7th.

such a bummer that you have sinus infections. sounds like it's making for a long week.

it was fun to see you last week though!

Will, Nat, & Fallon said...

yuck! being sick is one thing, but having a sick baby really is the worst! he's getting nice and chubby...I love it!

Nicole said...

Wow, we can't believe Owen is 4 months already!! Time flies...and you gift (which we got a few days after he was born) is still sitting on table. Hopefully I will be able to send it back with Linda. He is the cutest little thing, I love the foot picture.

I am so sorry you guys are sick. As a mom you never get the rest you need when the kiddies are sick. I hope those antibiotics kick in real soon and all of you get some sleep & good rest.

Joe and Marci said...

You know, moms aren't supposed to get sick. Isn't that the rule? Owen is so cute - seeing his little feet make me anxious to welcome our little guy. Hope you guys get better quickly!

Sara said...

He is so adorable! I hope you guys are getting better!

Miriam Oh said...

fun with babies!