Flashback Friday - backyard photoshoot

Since the blog is a journal, it seems important to document the past as well as the present. Thus, I'm starting a new thing on the blog here: Flashback Fridays. I can't take any credit for the idea, since our friend Collette has been doing it for months (and she's been at good at keeping up on it). I have so much fun looking at the old pictures she posts, so....I thought I would do it too!

A while back I made a Birthday pictures book for my mom, compiled of the many bday pics taken at each person's party/dinner. Well, looking through all those old photoalbums only brings out the best memories and the best comments on how horrible we looked. So I chose to kick off the flashback fridays with a special little gem. Check out this photoshoot my parents set up in our backyard for us kids. I'm not sure what the occasion was, but there's a nice individual shot of each of us (excpet for Meredith of course since she wasn't born yet. So I've included a funny one of her at the end).

I had to guess a little on our ages, but I think I'm pretty close. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I present to you (from oldest to youngest) the Suman children :

Saunja (Age 14)

Camille (Age 12)

Me (Age 10)

Eric (Age 7)

Mark (Age 3)

Meredith (Age5)

Um, wow to almost everyone but Mark and Meredith. Eric looked cute too, just funny to see him without any front teeth. Mark was always the cutest kid, even with his brown tooth (from falling off a chair). And I love Meredith in her Hulk Hogan outfit. We often found her wearing that. It fit perfectly and she hammed it up just enough for the camera.
But can I look any scarier? And homely? (When Casey saw these pictures his reaction was "ohh! Can you imagine coming in for the kiss on that?!" haah) At least I have a cute rainbow shirt on. Saunja's hair is dynamite and Camille's Maui and Sons Tee? It doesn't get more 80's than that, except for her rolled up sleeves.
Well, I guess we girls finally learned to style our hair and finished the years of orthodontic attention. So I guess we kind of turned out okay. Here are the final results:

Saunja (Age 36)

Camille (Age 33)

Me (Age 31)
Eric (Age 28)
Mark (Age 25)

Meredith (Age 18)

Can't wait to see all the grandkids with their own horribly wonderful pictures down the road.


the bates motel said...

fun "flashback friday" pics. i saw someone else do that idea too! i like it! those pics are great! i wonder if our kids will look at pics of themselves and say "what was my mom thinkin"! only time will tell!

Miriam Oh said...

i'm so grateful you all grew up. thanks for sharing dana! you looked, um, rad. true kodak moments...

Camille said...

Haha!!! That is so hilarious!! I'm glad you included the current pics to save our dignity!! I'm kind of bordering "mullet!" in my kid pic.....scary!

Cute idea with the flashback Friday. Love it! Can't wait till next week!

dietcokegrrl said...

LOVE IT!! You picked some awesome pictures to show!

Ahhhh, the 80s...good times.

dana said...

Um, I look hideous!
I'm glad I grew up too.
Casey said he was going to do a poll on their message board to the guys. Who does Dana look like in that picture:
A) Jan Brady
B) a polygamist's daughter
C) child of hippies

Camille said...

P.S. Rachael, so true....but I wish I could blame my "look" on my mom, but unfortunately it was all me. I remember begging her to let me cut my hair. She told me that I probably wouldn't like it, but that I could cut it after I graduated 5th grade. Looking back....not a good choice!

dana said...

and yes, Miriam...I should also add:
D) Bugs Bunny

Camille said...

Dana, to answer the poll.....I would have to say "D"-all of the above! : ) Haah!!

Suman Family said...

This is Eric. I don't know who looks the worst. I might have to go with Dana. Haha, sorry. But we're all pretty hideous. Unlike Camille, I had no choice over my clothes and style. My hair is so straight across the front. But I love how happy Camille looks with her haircut.

dana said...

Eric, I'm glad you mention your clothing, because Casey and I were wondering if you really were a die-hard Cougar fan at that young age.

Kim said...

i love old pictures. i remember growing up looking at pictures of my parents when they were kids thinking, "you looked like that?" and now i can look back at my own and think the exact same thing!

lettieb said...

I just love everyone's hair!!

Allison said...

I LOVE the Flashback Friday idea. I HATE that I don't have time anymore to do fun blog entries... grrr... and I LOVE that you typed in "bitchin'" on the Bestovers blog. You're my hero.

Connie said...

Hilarious post. I might have to do this with my family- although I might lose some friends...

La La Land said...

I love this idea!!! Flashback posts are my favorite! I might have to steal your great idea. And, I love the rainbow shirt! I used to be obsessed with rainbows, so I had a shirt just like yours! Can't wait for next Friday!

Sara said...

I love seeing all the pictures of you guys- hilarious! Good idea with flashback friday... if only I had pictures to use to do that!