What $207,000 can get you

Casey showed me this article from the LA Times this morning and I found it too interesting:

Buying power
The median price for a home nationwide has fallen to $207,000, according to the National Assn. of Realtors. Here's what you can get in that price range:

Brooklyn, N.Y. One-bedroom, one-bath co-op apartment in East Flatbush area. Four rooms total. Building has swimming pool and doorman. Asking $208,000.

Chicago One-bedroom, one-bath condo with hardwood floors in high-rise complex near Lincoln Park. Asking $208,000.

Los Angeles Two-bedroom, one-bath Spanish-style detached home in South Los Angeles with 648 square feet of living space. Asking $205,000.

Cleveland Two-bedroom, 2 1/2 -bath home with 2,448 square feet of living space. Two stories and a basement. Asking $207,000.

Honolulu One-bath studio condo in a Waikiki high-rise. View of Diamond Head; 305 square feet of living space. Asking $208,000.

Austin, Texas Three-bedroom, two-bath home with 2,100 square feet of living space and a two-car garage on a quarter of an acre. Asking $207,000.

Boise, Idaho Three-bedroom, two-bath home built in 2001. Living space of 1,550 square feet; two-car garage. Asking $207,900.

Fairbanks, Alaska Three-bedroom, two-bath home on 1.2 acres. Single story with 1,064 square feet of living space. Asking $209,000.

Savannah, Ga. Four-bedroom, 2 1/2 -bath, two-story home built in 2007. Central air, hardwood floors, 1,842 square feet. Asking $207,900.

Omaha Four-bedroom, three-bath, two-story home with 3,598 square feet of living space. Finished basement. Asking $209,000.


teresa and the boys said...

Maybe if the whole family moved to Nebraska, it might be tolerable... maybe.

There's a show on HGTV (I think) called "What You Get for the Money" that kind of does this same thing.

The Facks of Life said...

I wonder if Matt will be willing to commute from Omaha. Dang! At least we don't live in New York right?!

Nat said...

Hey thanks for bringing me to the re-realization that I'll be living in apartments for the rest of my LIFE!! Aack! South LA? Ya right. I want my children to live, thank you.

lettieb said...

That was pretty cool.

Omaha isn't too bad actually. I'm not going to move there though.

I always think it would be hard for someone to move from a place when you get a lot more for your buck to somewhere where you don't. Like if you went to school in Omaha, got a job there and bought a house. Suddenly you get a promotion and you would have to move to LA or NY, but with that move and promotion, you pretty much lose your living space (unless your raise is super big).

megan said...

looks like your first commenter beat me to it...was going to mention the hgtv show as well. love that show...love that channel...too bad we don't have cable. But anyways, price difference is crazy, eh?!

Jean said...

Nebraska, here we come!!!

(Sorry, Tim, but you can't work in the entertainment industry anymore. You must work at Dairy Queen instead.)