Weekend with the Willards

On an exciting whim, Jeff, Nicole and their girls decided to come down for the weekend. Working for Jet Blue makes last minute flying fabulous (especially when they fly into Burbank. Woohoo!) Lucy and Owen don't get to see their Willard cousins very often so we were lucky our schedules worked out and we got see them 4 days in a row!
The three girls were so cute together. They spent most of the time following each other around, running throughout Grandma's house and acting silly. Jacqueline's hair is getting so long. It's gorgeous. And little Jilly is such a cutie. We love those curls!We tried to get everyone on the couch for a photoshoot. Some were happier about it than others. Owen (4 months), Lucy (2), Jacqueline (4), Jillian (21 months):
We hung out with everyone Thursday night at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Then the kids and I joined them on Friday at Disneyland. While they waited in lines for tickets, I ran over to California Adventure for a moment just to use the bathroom. I handed the guy my Disney Passport and he informed me, "um, it's a blackout day for you." What????! Doh. I'm an idiot. I knew that Spring Break was over but I completely forgot that Friday blackout days had started. Lame! The guy was so cool though and asked if I was alone and said, "okay, just come in." Phew. I used the bathroom and got my hand stamped on the way back out to meet everyone. The only bummer is though is that the rest of the group bought D-land passes only, not Calif. Adventure. So I tried to pull the same move at three different Disneyland entrances and the workers kindly said, "oh, no problem. You can just go purchase a day-ticket for $40". Really? I can spend more here? Thanks so much. So, the Willards went into Disneyland and the kids and I went back to California Adventure for a few hours and played in the water. We had tons of fun! And both kids were angels. We even got some lunch afterward AND hit up one of my favorite fabric stores in Anaheim. And they were happy campers! Once we got on the road, they both fell asleep and we had a quiet car-ride home. Dreamy.
On Sunday we went back to Grandma/Grandpa's house for dinner. Yummy Stroganoff.
One kid for each leg:
And Jacqueline was real cute wanting to hold Owen. His head looked the same size as hers:
Jillian wasn't quite as sure about sitting with the little guy:
Cute little kids.
And the girls had fun playing this game over and over again. They love their Grandma Willard!

Glad you guys came for a visit Jeff and Nicole! It's always fun to see you and catch up on things. See you soon!


La La Land said...

Good thing everyone in your family is so ugly! Ha! You have the cutest cousins, nieces, nephews, sisters, parents, etc. And good for Disneyland for letting you in! Doesn't that just prove that it is the happiest place on earth?

P.S. I love Owen's little ambulance onesie!

Nicole said...

We had a lot of fun with the Willard's! Thanks guys for taking time out to spend time with us, especially with it being so spontaneous. The kids were so cute playing together, thanks Lucy for teaching the girls your fun running game, they LOVED it and we love watching the video over & over & over!!