Across the street

Casey's dad works in the film industry and thus, his job takes him all over town. But yesterday he was working in Pasadena, about 100 yards from our house! He called us up, said he was parked over at Webster Elementary School and so we stopped by for a visit!
Here's Lucy with Grandpa Willard in front of his Special Effects truck. It was bright outside.
The film Parry's working on is called An American Carol and in a weird sort of way...it's a Michael Moore film. BUT it's only based on him. It's not a documentary and he's not in the movie. In fact, Chris Farley's brother portrays him. Okay, that didn't make the situation better, did it. Well, we got to go on the set for a moment. They're shooting here at this Elementary school which is about 100 years old. And I've probably walked by the school a hundred times and never been inside. The architecture is beautiful.The scene they were shooting was inside the auditorium. It was packed full of extras and had a smoky haze and...that's all I know. Our star sighting for the day was Kelsey Grammer. I walked by him a couple times before it registered who he was (he's taller than I expected). But I was surprised because he looked over at me when we passed by. I guess I probably looked like the odd ball there: walking a movie set with 2 kids; one in the baby bjorn and the other in Grandpa's arms. We didn't really blend in.
To top off the little visit, Lucy got to play on the playground equipment for a few minutes. The benefits of shooting at an elementary school. Thanks Grandpa for calling us up! It was fun to see you in action.


Suman Family said...

oooh - that's fun. so hollywood. i think that's a great celeb sighting., i like frasier.

La La Land said...

That's so cool! Fraiser was so great, I'm jealous you saw him!

teresa and the boys said...

Kelsey Grammer -- cool! Now you're only one step away from my weirdest celebrity crush, David Hyde Pierce. Yeah, I know. Shut up. =)

Southwick Family said...

I love hearing about all of your celebrity sightings... ah, the benefits of living in L.A. That is really cool about Casey's dad's job. With your creativity, and his dad's skills, I'm sure that you have some fabulous family home videos!

Kizzycakes said...

how fun! i always wanted to stop by one of the countless filmings in Pasadena -- but i was never "invited". that's so cool. love that building. and the pasadena wildlife posts. ahhh...pasadena.