Del Inferno

Since you all know I'm a Del Taco fan, time for an update. They have a new hot sauce! Del Inferno.
Eric and I have been talking for years about how much we love Del Taco, but we find their hot sauces a bit underwhelming. The mild sauce is too thick and the Del Scorcho is far from scorching. I actually do like the taste of Del Scorcho, but don't try to tell me that it's super hot cause it's not. Well the Inferno is! I tried it today for the first time.
It complimented my Spicy Jack Quesadilla quite well, but the consistency was still a little thick. I actually mixed Del Inferno and Del Scorcho together and voila! Delish. As you can tell, working at Universal for two days gives me way too much time to think, eat, and blog about Del Taco.
My mouth is still on fire.


LosPeterson said...

Dana. Interesting. I was actually in Provo this weekend for BYU graduation (remember our graduation waaaaaaaaay back when?)

Anyway, I at at Del Taco on Bulldog Blvd. Probably the first time in over half a decade. And was I pleasantly surprised at the new Del Inferno. Awesome.

Too bad the nearest Del Taco is 766 miles away.

The Miller Family: said...

I've always mixed Del Scor and Mild, totally agree with everything in this post.