The big yellow Arrow

Lucy woke up late this morning, so we went the Glendale mall for a few hours to wear her out. And it worked! Only bummer...I ran out of milk for the drive home and she kept asking for it. I actually put some of Owen's formula in her cup, but she handed it right back to me. Come on, it's soy! Then I remembered that In-N-Out has milk. Hooray! It was right on the drive home (and I could get a drink too. yum). As I pulled into the parking lot she saw the big In-N-Out sign and immediately perked up. "Fries?! Fries? Pirates? Pirates?", she continued to say over and over. I couldn't believe it! We weren't even inside of the restaurant yet she recognized where we were and remembered those yummy fries and her favorite pirate toys she gets to play with each time we go. Good memory Lucy! Well, we went in and got our drinks and came back out. As I put her back in the car she sadly said "fries??" Sorry little girl, no fries this time. But I'm sure we'll be back on Saturday!


Southwick Family said...

Hi Dana--Everytime I go to an In-and-Out I think of you. YUM! When I'm in a similar milk/cry situation, I just ask the kids to look around and see if they can find a cow for me to milk anywhere in the car, and if not, I'm pretty sure that we have a carton of milk at home.

Darci said...

I miss In-and-Out. So good. Way to get an early start with teaching Lucy where to find great food!