Can you hear the drums Fernando?

When my brothers were in high school, Fernando and the rest of the gang would come over to hang out at our house. The moment he'd enter the house, Rachael I couldn't help but sing the Abba song to him. He had never heard the real song and so we romanticized that one day he'd be in a room and hear the song playing for the first time and there would be the girl of his dreams.
Well, I don't think that's how it went down. But he and his new bride Diane were married yesterday in the Newport Beach temple.
The reception was at the Tijeras Creek Country Club. We spent most of the time catching up with friends, eating, chatting, and enjoying the party. And since Casey took the kids with him to his parents house (Jeff, Nicole, and the kids were in town) I had the whole evening to chat as I wished and take pictures. So luxurious.
And we wonder where Sumans get their flair for posing like idiots in front of the camera. Dad was asked to be the videographer for the night. Here he is in action:
With Mom and the girls:It was so much fun to see Fernando's two sisters, Carolina and Gloria. I loved hearing what they're up to. Such accomplished and cool girls:
And it was like old time seeing Eric and his guy friends sitting around the table chatting.
Michael Bloomer and his girlfriend Heather:
Jason Hope and his wife Elise:
The Sumans. Ava was always on the move:
But she did pose for me on the dance floor. So cute.
Jeremy had on the cutest pants of anyone in the room:Cool sparklers as they left the reception:
4 of the 6 siblings. Too bad Saunja and Mark weren't there.
Eric, Me, Meredith, and Camille....in descending height order:
I always love wedding days. It's exciting to see a new bride and groom start their lives together and it reminds me of the wonderful day when Casey and I were married. Congrats Fernando and Diane!

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Camille said...

Cute pics and thanks for letting me have a few. It's fun to see different versions of the same night. : ) Fun to see you!