1 in 10000

Today Lucy learned that Rupert the bear was not alone. Her little bear at home had thousands of brothers and sisters at Ikea, just waiting to be purchased for $1.99. Reminded me of the scene from A.I. where he stumbles upon a room full of, himselves.
Instead of being confused though, she embraced the moment. More Ruperts to tuck into bed!
And when they woke up, Lucy took a turn in the covers.


Suman Family said...

cute little lucy. love the little bear...$1.99? can't go wrong with that!

The Suman's said...

She is so adorable. You get pictures of absolutely everything! You must be just like Jarond, carrying your camera with you everywhere you go. I hope you at least have a little camera - ours is HUGE. I hate lugging that thing around! But the pictures are priceless, especially when you can capture cute little moments like these!

Camille said...

That is so cute! I love how she plays. It amazed me when she was staying here for the week. She would play for a couple of hours straight with the same toys....the animals would talk to each other, then they would ring the door bell on the little yellow house, then they would all get lined up again....it was SO cute.

Heather said...

I love it!
-- we go to IKEA just to play, too.