Flashback Wednesday - Beach Camping

I know I'm a couple days early with this (and Flashback Wednesday just doesn't have the same ring to it) but....I wanted to post now and get some family members jazzed for our upcoming outing this weekend...beach camping! As a family growing up, we did this almost every summer. If we could score campsites we went to Carpinteria (near Santa Barbara). But more often than not we ended up at San Onofre (south of OC) where it's not as fancy but just as fun.
The picture above is from one of those beach camping summers.

- Yes, this was the 80s. I'm sporting my favorite Esprit T-shirt, pegged jeans, and permed hair of course (I'm the one standing, if you couldn't tell).
- My best friend at the time, Christy Igarashi, came along and so did her Flojos. She and I did everything together. We rode our bikes to Target and the mall, made chocolate pudding, listened to George Michael and Janet Jackson, sewed scrunchies. Fun memories.
- Our snazzy van even got in the shot.
- is Karis scowling or just eating?
- actually Saunja looks annoyed too. Well, we'd all just woken up and we were hungry.
- Kam is smiling
- Heather Ainge!
- Camille's hair is awesome
- our tents are so tiny. They're gonna be HUGE this time around.

We'll be heading to the same old camp grounds this weekend for loads of family fun, beach sand, and a whole lot more people this time around.


Suman Family said...

i was thinking the same thing as i looked at this picture...our tents will be quadrupled this year! it'll be super fun. see you tomorrow. good early flashback.

Casey said...

Wow, what a bunch of awkward looking girls. There, I've said what everyone else is thinking.

Nothing like "camping" with a bunch of telephone polls in the background. My guess is there's a highway just past that tree line. Gotta love CA.

Mr. Dizzle said...

too cool

I camped on that same beach as a kid.

Jen Suman said...

That sounds like so much fun! Man, I wish we had a beach nearby!

Nicole said...

I wish we had a beach nearby too, much cleaner than mountain tent camping. I am jealous, have a great time and can't wait to see the pics when you return!!

LOVE the ESPRIT shirt, man those were cool back in the day!

Camille said...

Yes Casey, but thank you for being so kind. : ) You could have said so much more. I mean seriously, how scary do I look?!

I was thinking the same about the tents. Our site is going to look hilarious when we're done setting up.

I don't remember Heather Ainge camping with us! Haah.

devin said...

I used to be part of a San Onofre tradition too. the first year I woke up almost literally covered in ANTS! BURNING STINGING ANTS. but I need to start something like that up again. thanks for th reminder.

dietcokegrrl said...

Awesome picture--sounds like you guys are going to have a great time! Can't wait to hear the recap!

kel bel said...

Ahh, sewing scrunchies. and flojos with socks. good job pulling off the well-forgotten scabs of my painfully-80's 80's. that is a great picture. I love your flashback postings--they make me cringe and pine for the past at the same time. Have fun camping. Can't wait to see pictures--you're kids are so dang adorable.

teresa and the boys said...

Ummmm.... is it just me or do Kam's bangs look more like a huge tarantula is clinging to her head? Seriously. the 80's were hard on everyone. How did anyone ever hook up, marry, and procreate when that was how they looked?

Brad and Shanell Farr said...

hey i was reading about that wading pool you went to... what's the details on that? i'd like to go!

Saunja said...

Okay, I'm just completely laughing so hard right now. Great picture. Wow, we're a bunch of cuties. I thought the same thing about the two TINY tents also. Why am I so mad? I've got a donut in my hand and we're at the beach! What's there to be mad about?

Marty Smith said...

Ok...I just turned into your blog after so long.(moving etc) What the heck is going on with us. I seriously look so p.o.'ed!! We all look so ugly teenagery! So funny!! Thanks for finding that classic pic. And Casey's comment is right on the money..."Awkward"