We had big salads for dinner tonight with lots of veggies and corn. Whenever we have corn now we think of my brother Mark. Here's a conversation that happened a few months ago...
My sister-in-law Sara was visiting (without Mark) and we made nachos for dinner - a staple in the Suman family. Lots of fresh peppers and cucumbers to go on top. As we got ready to sit down and eat she asked, "oh, where's the corn?"
"Yea, don't you guys put corn on top? Mark puts corn on everything...I just assumed it was a Suman thing...."
"Hmmmm. We've never done that."
"Well, it must be a Mark thing. He always wants me to put corn in things. I made a casserole the other night and he came in and asked, 'is there corn in this? I think we should add corn to it' ".

So there you have it Mark, you are now Cornholio in our household . We like corn too. It's yummy on salads. But we don't lovvvvve it as much as you. We admire your devotion.


Camille said...

love it....cornholio. Haha. I actually got the corn salsa on my burrito today at Chipotle. It was so good, and I think I'll get it every time now. Why is the word "corn" so ugly sounding?

Jean said...

Haha! I'm a kindred spirit with Mark because I love corn in everything too. Whenever I make something that could possibly have corn in it, I put it in. Sometimes Tim will make dinner, and I'll ask him why there isn't corn in it. Why is that?? What is it about corn that I find so very delightful?? Haha!

Yummy big salads, by the way!!

teresa and the boys said...

Aaron always requests that I cook corn when I make spaghetti. That's so weird to me. Maybe it's genetic?

dana said...

ew. corn in Spaghetti! I think that's where I draw the line. Although we did eat it mixed in with Mac N Cheese all the time growing up.

Jean, you should be the official president of the Corn Lovers Club. Tim can design cool t-shirts and all!

Nicole said...

I am with your brother Mark...Bring on the Corn!!! I don't think it could ruin a thing. Yummy!

Sara said...

lol! Love it, Makenna already inherited his love as well. Corn seems to be a favorite for her!