Flashback Friday - I heart Harts

Nothing says Provo summers to me like a big drink from Harts. I used to never drink soda. As a kid I thought it was "too spicy". It wasn't until my junior year of BYU that I drank a whole 32 ouncer. One of my roommates frequented Harts gas station, across the street from Helaman Halls. And so one day I went with her. Little did I know that amongst the 20 soda flavor options...they had Crystal Light! Yay!
It was a common occurrence for Rachael, Kam, Laura, Eric, and myself to head to Harts for a drink and a couple mini reeses or Charleston Chews (or a big Pink Cookie if we felt especially volatile).
Me and Rachael enjoy our summer treat:
After many many trip to Harts, Rachael ended up getting a job there. It made the whole Harts experience even more enjoyable.
Memories of Harts:
* Putting the mini Reeses INTO our drink cups along with soda so they would get cold and frozen
* Eric drinking so much Dr. Pepper that he wasn't allowed to give plasma because his (something) count was too high from all the caffeine.
* Jeff, the tall skinny guy that worked with Rachael and his red Eclipse
* Rachael's favorite part of the job: cooking all the hot dogs for Cougar football fans
* Pineapple Orange Crystal Light
* Barq's Cherry Creme Soda (yummm)
* Otis Spunkmeyer fresh baked cookies
* Tears when they closed down the Helman Halls location
* Joy when they opened many new locations in Salt Lake
* Harts Drink + free slice of Great Harvest bread = deeeeevine
* When you don't know what else to do with your night....take a trip to Harts!

If only California was lucky enough to heart Harts too.


Suman Family said...

i heart harts too. i need a coke, mini charleston chews, and tootsie rolls right now! remember the penny candy at the provo location? i would fish though the sour patch kids for orange and red only. yum, yum. on the closing day we have pics with jeff. he was there until the end. it was strange to see him out in provo and not in harts. his wife worked there too. i could go on and on about harts. fun times - love this flashback.

lyndsey + brandon said...

hmm...can't say i've ever been to harts. but now i think i need to check it out. i will say that i too adore the free slices of great harvest bread, so i'm sure i'd love to combine it with a lovely beverage. you guys were hardcore!

the bates motel said...

oh such a good mem! i SO miss harts none of them are quite the same as the one in ptown! funny w/ the red eclipse! that was always so random! he was a funny kid. i miss the yummy candy you could put in a baggie and pay a penny ea. oh the devine crystal light w/ a little dew! yum-O! good times! LOVE harts!

debra said...

Great flashback Dana! I was going through old pics a few weeks ago and found far too many from Harts or with Harts drinks in hand! Fun times for sure. I agree with Laura & Rachael- penny candies in the bag were my fav too!

Umm- look at those gas prices though!

dana said...

Whoa, I didn't even notice the gas prices! Wow. That was only...6 years ago?

teresa and the boys said...

I will have to stop taking them for granted now. And thanks -- I'm totally thirsty for a big ol' diet something!

eisenbise said...

Fun post. I loved Harts for that one summer I lived there. I never got to share in all the fun times at Harts with you guys, but I had a few of my own that summer. And I loved the cherry cream soda....that was my favorite!

Camille said...

haha...that post was from me not Bryan.

Mr. Dizzle said...

too "spicy"

that's funny because my little nephew calls root beer "brown spicy" because he doesn't know how else to describe the sensation of the carbonation.
I guess now there are two Spicy people that I know of in the world.

Sara said...

we must be too late in our BYU days to have harts:(