A friend-ly week

I love these sorts of weeks. We spent most of our days hanging out with friends and family and having fun.

* We went swimming multiple times and Lucy is in love with her life-vest swim suit. I bought it for her last year but it was still a little big so we pulled it out this year and she totally gets it. She rarely wants me to hold on to her. She wants to float around by herself. She's still figuring out how to dogpaddle but she does pretty good on her own:
Owen in his tube. He must be frightened by the large insect climbing up the side:
* We played at friends' houses. Rebecca's shady yard is perfect for a Thursday morning playgroup. The kids adore her dogs:
And the moms get to chat:
Lucy looks for dogs:Fallon sports a cute bathing suit:And here's Max, just kickin back on the blanket:
* We went to the Wading Pool. A friend told me about this public park one city over that has a wading pool during the summer. There's a lifeguard who checks the PH levels so the water isn't too yucky. Of course he spends most of his time telling the kids, "no splashing! no jumping!" Hmmmm....kids and water = splashing and jumping. Oh well, he can keep yelling all he wants. I don't think they'll stop. Here are the kids waiting patiently for him to check the water levels:
Ellie and Owen:
Some of the moms. Yay, I'm in a picture! (thanks Doris).
Megan, Me, Annie, and Sherri:
Hannah and Sammy:
Annie and Camdyn:Little Elijah enjoyed the pool party too. For some reason I can't get enough of this little guy. He's so cute!More poolside chatter. This time Doris joined the photo-op:
Karla and Paige:
By 4:30 most of the other kids had left so our kids had the pool all to themselves. Grace and Caden had some great twirling moves. Here she is in action:
Lucy wasn't feeling the best so she mostly wanted to sit out of the water and watch the kids play. Owen kept her company:
And eventually she just wanted to sit in the stroller:
By the time we made it to the sand toys, however, she was boisterous and happy again:
Great park. We'll be heading back! Especially because I find this site so funny. Old Armenian men playing cards. Reminds me of Central Park with old men playing chess:

* We went downtown to go shopping. Some of my girlfriends have been wanting to go to the fabric district for a while so we made an outing of it and all the dads stayed home with the kids. The thing I like best about this picture was the lady who took it. Funny character. Too bad I didn't take her picture! Me, Megan, Sherri, and Karla:

* We had In N Out for lunch. This picture doesn't really say In N Out but here's what Owen looked like the whole time we were there. He's such a happy guy these days:

* We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house and hung out in their beautiful backyard.
Lucy finally rode their trike for the first time:
And so did Casey:
Grandma got to hold the babies:
and we got to go see Dark Knight! We both loved it. It lived up to the hype. Great acting, great writing, interesting themes, a very adult movie. Can't wait to see the next installment one day.

* We had great family time Sunday evening. We drove around town and stumbled on a park with a live jazz band. So we walked around and listened to music. And of course,

* We ate Otter Pops:
We feel blessed to have great friends and family nearby to hang out with. You make our lives more interesting!


gunnfam said...

We love you too Dana! Thanks for giving us the official fabric district tour. I love hanging out because your craftiness rubs off on me and I have this new craving to make something.

Super Kate said...

i might want you to call me the next time you go...way out of my element, but i'd love the experience

Jean said...

What a fun week!! I love friendly weeks too... too bad I was sick last week, haha! Doris told me about that wading pool - awesome!! If Weston could splash around a little, maybe he'd stay in the water for more than five minutes (ha).

Joe and Marci said...

That wading pool looks awesome! Seriously, your kids are so dang cute! They are going to be best friends when they grow up.

megan said...

It was a super fun week!! Pretty relaxing!! And thanks again for the fashion district tour!!! If ever you go again, I'd love to tag along...again :--)

I stole some of the pics for my blog..hope ya don't mind.

dietcokegrrl said...

YAY--what a fun week! These are the things that make summer so fun!!

Camille said...

Fun post with cute pictures. Lucy is wearing that cute dress at the park....the one you made. I love it. That wading pool looks fun....the perfect place for little kids. Glad you liked Batman. I loved it too!

Jen Suman said...

I love weeks like these! How fun! Your kids are just beautiful!

Darci said...

Wow, what fun. It makes me miss all the fun times in Pasadena.

Suman Family said...

great pics! looks like a fun week/weekend. i really love the pics of owen with casey's mom...really cute!