It's easy being a kid

You get to sleep whenever you want.
You can play with friends all day long (even if you friends are only crayons).
When you're sick of those, you get to play with real friends.
(while Mom talks to her friends. Megan and Elijah):
(Sherri with Ellie and Niki):
You get to play in the dirt.
and hang out with girls.
And then it's home for baths and food and...you get to sleep again (while Mom updates the blog and washes your bottles).
Life is great!


megan said...

yay! we finally made your blog! too bad it's a crappy pic! :-)

I love that lucy thinks crayons are her friends! It reminds me of when you told me how she will talk to her fruit snack and put it to bed and all that..so cute!

Nicole said...

Cute pictures of the kids. Owen looks so cute, and is getting so big.
Life as a kid is wonderful, you can't beat it!