Fourth of July Weekend

It started with Stars and Stripes, inspired by Melissa's 4th of July cookies. The frosting was a little runny but in the end it was all sweet and yummy.

We played a game of softball and Meredith won for most patriotic outfit:
Lucy, who heard me yell "Casey!", spent a half hour walking around saying "Casey! Casey!"
Then she was up to bat:
Gram was a good coach and partner:
They made it to first and even made it home:
Casey hit some pretty good ones:
Mark and Marty tried to stop him:
Then we cooled off in the pool:
And to finish the evening, an Angel's game!
I asked everyone to pose for a picture:
Little did I know Guerrero would hit a homer right at that moment. Sorry guys.
Mark and Sara are here for the summer and little Makenna and Owen are the perfect age for playing together (even if all they do is stare at each other right now). She's always lights up when I bring the camera out. It's so cute!
We sat in the highest tier and even at 6pm, the sun was beating down hard and strong. Lucy was a bit cranky for the first hour.
But she finally warmed up and was wired by the end of the game. When we left, she pranced her way down the entire ramp, out of the stadium, and over to our car. And she didn't fall asleep till we were 10 minutes from home.We did a lot of walking around with the little kids:
Great view from the Field Deck:
If you're ever bored at the game...
At the end of the game were splendid fireworks. Lucy was a little scared for 30 seconds and Owen was mesmerized. He sat on Papa's lap and didn't move a muscle:
The next day we all went to the beach. And since we got there early, we actually found a parking spot. Yea! We bought this tent for Owen and it was the best 10 bucks I've ever spent! He stayed in there for about an hour by himself just playing with toys, shaded and sand-free:
And when Lucy was tired of playing in the sand she joined him in the tent. She could play with her crayons any time of day. No coloring necessary. She just likes to talk to the colors and organize them:
Rachael and Carter:
Most of the group, discussing Meredith's date-night dilemmas:
Ava is such a cute little beach-bum. She has the best tan of everyone:
I loved peeking back and seeing Owen's head popping up there. (Casey was on the towel next to him of course):
This make-shift tent with everyone hovering underneath was hilarious , especially compared to the modern store-bought version behind them. It eventually fell down:
Sometime during the day we lost Casey, impaled by the umbrella:
After the beach we hit up Chipotle and then back to Gram/Papa's house for the evening. It was chaos with all the kids:
And then....billiards tournament. Mark kicked my trash:
And everyone else's trash as well. He was the Winner.

Hotdogs and Smores around the camp fire. Great weekend!


megan said...

ok, you are seriously the best at long posts! those cookies are beautiful! I don't even like sugar cookies, but they look yummy! love the beach! We have that ikea tent as well! and baseball games with family are so fun! looks like you had an awesome fourth!

Jean said...

Wow, Dana! Awesomest Fourth of July ever. I am amazed with the activities line-up. I thought I was going all out by doing two things, but it sounds like you guys kept very busy!! Looks like a wonderful time with the fam. :-)

teresa and the boys said...

I don't think you could have had a more all-American 4th if you tried.... wait -- was there apple pie?

Nicole said...

You Sumans are truly the All American Family!! I LOVE it!!! Everyone looks great. I too love the picture of Owen's little head poppingout there in the little tent, so cute!

Camille said...

So fun!! I'm glad we all could hang out together, and it was so fun seeing you guys on Saturday as well. Thanks for driving down again!

We'll need to meet in HB again soon!

P.S. Your cookies were SO good, and they looked really cute too! Good job!

Kim said...

what a great weekend you had! you always have such fun time with all of your family. whenever i read these posts about being with siblings and parents it makes me long to be closer to family!

Casey said...

I think it was Torii Hunter that hit the HR.

Just saying.

Casey said...

I take it back, I think it was Wally Joyner.

lyndsey + brandon said...

yay for a fun weekend! at least you guys got nice and tan, baking in the stadium seating. always a plus on a holiday weekend.

the bates motel said...

such a fun weekend! glad you guys got to kick it a bunch! good times! and yummy lookin cookies. mmmm. p.s. i snagged a few pics for my future post!

Suman Family said...

it was a great time for sure. i love seeing pics of owen! he is always smiling and his little face is so sweet.
i also really like casey's comment down there. haha. so technical.

Mr. Dizzle said...

What kind of billiards are you guys playin'? Looks like (Mark?) is lining up on the 15 ball, not the cue ball.
No wonder he beat everyone, he's a dirty cheater.

dana said...

Haha, seriously Mr. Dizzle, whoever you are...Mark is a dirty cheater.
I was hoping no one would notice our posed shot.

Mr. Dizzle said...

Mr. Dizzle aka Nathan Mitchell aka Collette Mitchell's husband aka Jeff Willard's old roommate aka Casey Willard's fellow AODer aka some guy you have met a few times at AOD type stuff.

La La Land said...

What a fun 4th! Your family seems so fun!