Flashback Friday - going to the pool

As you can tell, my FBFs have been slacking. It seems that the week goes by and before I know it, it's Friday. So here's a last minute (and completely random) post. This picture was a typical Saturday during my home-from-BYU summer days. Its seems that Rachael and I went to the pool as much as possible. Of course I look like an idiot and, learning from her older sisters, Mere took a great pose too. It's funny how little Meredith is here! I remember that camera I'm holding. I got it when I graduated high school....non-digital of course.
Rachael (and anyone else who came along) would lay-out at the pool for a couple hours, listening to our discmans. Usually I would fall alseep and have strange dreams (I've always wondered if the heat makes me dream weird things, similar to when people hallucinate when they have high fevers). And then in our grungy swim outfits, Rachael and I would drive to Del Taco (usually listening to Sublime) and enjoy yummy 7-layer burritos and drinks. Fun summers of freedom. 19 years old, disposable income, rafting trips with the single's ward, fun boys, loud music, and great friends. Those were some good times.

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the bates motel said...

i totally remember that pic! so funny how big mere is now! i LOVED all those pool days! where we had no worries and could bask in the sun for hours. ahhhhh. so funny on our random singles ward trip and i spilled soda all in ryan's car and he soooo loved me! hahaha lol. member when we would even catch the rays at christmas time too! i so loved our devotion :)! fun times. good mem.