The Weekend - Cleaning and Partying

I've been super behind on the family blog. I guess sewing has kind of taken over my life...but in a good way I suppose. I told Casey the other night, "I think I'm addicted to sewing." For some reason, having a blog to post the fruits of my labor gives me more incentive to get my projects done (and signing up for Wardrobe Refashion has helped too). So, any of you that are looking for motivation...maybe you should start a project blog too!

But back to the matter at hand. Here's what we did this weekend.
Friday night the kids took their first bath together.
Fun times had by all!
We watched Lars and The Real Girl and really enjoyed it. A small indy flick with Ryan Gosling (from The Notebook), worth checking out. There was a nice message to the strange little plot.

We spent most of Saturday cleaning out our garage and reorganizing. I have a new pile of things to put on Craigslist. We had lunch at Chipotle (of course) and then we washed Casey's truck. Lucy has really grown up a lot in the past month. Her vocabulary has exploded and she just seems to understand and interact so much more each day. She was in a helping mood as we washed. Mostly, she just obsessed with Casey's truck and always wants to sit in it.
I spent Saturday evening sewing. And Owen joined me for the project photo shoot. He's such a smiley guy. I love it.
Sunday afternoon we went to a house-warming party for Romy, my old boss at Universal.
She and her husband have spent the last year remodeling and overhauling the place. And it is absolutely beautiful. The pool was my favorite part. There were small streams of water trickling into the pool; very relaxing atmosphere. And since it was hot outside, of course we all wanted to jump in!
We roamed the house. Lucy adored the spiral staircase.
I adored this ceiling. A little dark for my taste but so beautiful and classy:Casey's favorite item. The tree table. He was seriously coveting:Casey and Lucy "played" chess:Lucy danced around the pool:She tried not to get in that water:
Owen lounged:
We joined him:
And we chatted with friends of course!
Me and Romy (the host of the party). We worked together for a good 3 years. I've been meaning to post something about my last days of Universal....but I'll get to it at some point.
The guys from the Story Department (our department in Creative Development at Universal).
Zach, on the right always makes me laugh. He bought me a series of comic books once based on the Book of Mormon. That is the last thing I'd ever thought to see in his hands.
Richard (on the left), Me, and Tony. Richie was Romy's assistant years ago. Then Lisa took over, then me, and now Tony. Too bad Lisa wasn't there to join in the photo. I was training Tony the day I gave birth to Lucy. So...he started with a bang and jumped right in to the crazy Uni life.
It was so great to see all my coworker friends again and to check out Romy and Steve's house. Well done! And hands down, BEST food I've had at a party in a very long time. Yum.


lyndsey + brandon said...

hooray for updates. looks like a fun party! i'd love a house like that :)

we watched lars too, a while back. i'm pretty sure i fell asleep before the end (a common occurrence) but before that happened i thought the flick was a little weird. i dont do well with odd people in movies...i've still never made it through one sitting of what about bob. ha!

Super Kate said...

So that's what your house looks like when you have cash to spare...i totally want one of those...i'm with casey that table was incredible, i'm sure he and Perry could whip one up...make that two.

Nicole said...

Cute, cute bath tub pics!
Amazing house too!

Lettie said...

Lars - totally weird, but strangely likable.

Jean said...

What a cutie patootie bathtime!! That house is so fabulous, too. I am also a fan of the tree table!

Suman Family said...

that house really is beautiful. looks like you had a nice time there.