It's interesting (now that the days are shorter and my kids usually nap till about 3:30) trying to plan our afternoon outings. By the time the kids are up and we're out the door, there's only 1 hour of daylight left (good thing I don't live in Alaska). Today we spent that precious twilight hour with Doris and her kids. She has a membership to the Arboretum (she has memberships to everything!) and they invited us to come along.

Lucy loves hanging out with Sammy and Hannah. When we pulled up, she saw him and exclaimed, "Sammy?! Hi! I'm here!" She sounded so old.
In our one short hour there, we:
checked out the different species of rocks....?
checked out everything along the way:
rode in the stroller:
and crawled on the ground (trying to avoid the bird poop):We played near the HUGE fountain. And no one got wet:
We found the fun yellow sprinklers:
ran around them:
And walked through the jungle to see the ducks and geese:
Thanks for inviting us along. We love spending the afternoon with fun friends!


debra said...

Whenever we'd go there as kids, we'd always have to pretend we were on the show Fantasy Island and say "DA PLANE, DA PLANE!" since it was filmed there. Oh, the memories. But the peacocks... the mean peacocks that would chase us everywhere- I was terrified!

I loved that place though- it's so pretty... looks like a fun day with friends!

Jean said...

The Arboretum is great!! I'm glad you got good use out of the minimal post-afternoon-nap daylight. It really IS annoying, not having more evening time. Oh well! At least it's cooler outside! :-)

Darci said...

Ooo, I so love and miss the arboretum. I'm so jealous.

La La Land said...

So great! I love that place. I miss it. Did you get a new camera, by the way? Your photos are looking GOOD!

Kenny and Linsey said...

your blog is a like a travel guide for what to do in LA other than shopping and Hollywood, which is another reason why I love it!

Erica said...

What a fun afternoon. and I love Lucy's sweater; oh, Fall has arrived!!

dietcokegrrl said...

Great recap! I linked over to your blog instead of writing about it myself. heehee

Suman Family said...

looks like a fun outing with lots to explore. i love lucy's sweater. so cute and fall like. you're dream of cooler weather is coming true although it's supposed to be 80 here over the weekend. :)

Sara said...

looks like fun, even if it was short! I do miss longer evenings!

Saunja said...

Lucy's outfit is really cute. She looks like a little teenager.

lyndsey said...

fun day! apparently everyone else has already said this, but lucy's little outfit is super cute. especially the red shoes :)