Keith's wedding in Santa Monica

On Friday we went to the wedding of our good friend Keith Paugh and his gorgeous wife Leslie.
The ceremony was at a cute restaurant in Santa Monica called The Victorian. The ambiance was cozy and perfect:
Everything was beautiful and most of all, it's so much fun to hang out with good friends. Todd and Casey kept saying, "this is the greatest night of the year."

While waiting for dinner, we all hung out upstairs in the library room:
We drank Shirley Temple "martinis":
Brian and Keith told jokes:We were seated with some of our favorite people, Brett, Devin, Brian and Kris:And the hit of the night (which I have no pictures of) was a close-up Magician from The Magic Castle. He went around doing card tricks all night and seriously, they were IMPRESSIVE. Devin's boisterous laughter over each trick still rings in my ears.

Some of the boys (Steve, Devin, Chaz, Casey, and Brett):
And some of the girls. Oh, how I love these ladies (Sarah Zobell, me, Kristen Johnson, Melissa Galbraith, and Kris Kane Petersen):Lovers: More lovers:
And dancing to top off the night. Her dress was amazing:
We love seeing our friends get married. And we're so happy to be part of their special day.


Kenny and Linsey said...

Her dress is stunning! Love your "martini's." In a martini glass they look like Cosmos.

Jean said...

Oh, how sweet! What a pretty wedding and a handsome couple. I love those martinis!!

megan said...

looks like sooo much fun! a wedding without the kids around...mmm...

I love that picture of you drinking the martini! The earrings, lipstick, it all just goes well with a martini cup :-)

Suman Family said...

fun night with old friends! i can't wait for the rest of our friends to get married -- just so i can go to the weddings. i love it. the place looks so quaint and perfect for the time of year. you guys look great! keith's wife is adorable!

Saunja said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding. Fun that you got to hang with some of your great friends.

kel bel said...

Thanks for posting these pictures, Dana! If it weren't for you, I'd know little to nothing (and never see pictures!) of these old buddies of mine. Keith and his lady friend look so great and happy!