Super Dad

Our Saturday was super busy with a golf outing, birthday party, Eagle Court of Honor, lunch at In-N-Out, and babysitting. How cute are these two? Just hanging out, eating chicken nuggets:
Two other things that occupied our day, however, nominate Casey for the Super Dad award:

1. He changed my brake pads! Um, yep, you can do that stuff yourself. He went to Pep Boys, paid 40 bucks for new pads and installed them himself. No $100 fee to the Midas guy!

2. While taking her bath last night I heard Lucy exclaim, "my washcloth!" I walked in, didn't see a washcloth and realized....it had gone down the drain. UGH. Yea, we have one of those drain catchers but she likes to pull it out, which means things can go right down the drain. So....when Casey got home from the Eagle Court of Honor, he got back in the car and headed to Home Depot, came home with a plumbing snake, and went to town on our gross bathtub. After a 1/2 hour (and 4 feet of snake cable), he retrieved this:
Lucy won't be using that washcloth anymore.

It was a long day, filled with fun and chores. But most of all, I was happy to have a working shower this morning when we all got ready for church. Thanks Super Dad!


Saunja said...

I love busy Saturdays! Looks like you had a great one. Way to go Casey on the brake pads and retrieving that NASTY washcloth from the drain.

Kenny and Linsey said...

He totally is super dad!

Jean said...

Way to go, Super Dad!! We're glad that Super Dad is our home teacher, because naturally we'll be tapping into these skills. :-)

Sara said...

What a guy! We'll have to remember that about brake pads in the future!

The Hyer Family said...

I have to laugh and cry with you on the drain thing...I can't even remember how many washcloths we lost down the drain in our little pink house...there was no drain cover, and it took a few times of fishing that stupid wash cloth out, plus a few very expensive calls to the plumber...the rule then became no washcloths and no toys in the bathtub--aren't we a drag...it just became too expensive to lose one more thing down the drain! I felt sick all over again as I started to read your post and realized where it was going!