School Day

We've been going to our Parent Ed class (through the community college) for a couple months now and Lucy's really starting to enjoy. She's catching on to the routine of it all and looks forward to the different stuff we do.

The morning starts with an hour of free play, indoors or outside. This charade made me laugh. Lucy had my water bottle and another kid wanted it. So his mom got a bottle for him too. He put it on his head and Lucy did the same:
And the two Bottle Heads walked off together:
After free-play, we gather for songs and a story. We sing a duck song that ends with "when the Mommy duck said 'it's time for snack'....three little ducks came running back." And all the kids yell, "Snack Time!" The kids sit at a table together and enjoy snacks. Lucy ate almost everything today which was amazing!For the last hour, the kids play outside. This guy is superdad and took the kids around and around the wagon for the entire hour:
They loved it!
Half of the parents supervise the kids while the other half joins in a discussion group. Today we talked about "making time for yourself". It's hard to find time for that when you're the Mom but it's so very important:One day I was the Playdough helper. Owen enjoyed being at the table with me:
and playing with the big red ball:There are so many adorable kids there. This little girl is just too cute. She stood at the playdough table with me, humming songs to herself, and smiling:
And if you're tired of playing, there are plenty of shady trees for sitting and sharing crackers with friends:
Some school days are easier than others (depending what time the kids woke up and if Owen had a morning nap). Today was a great day!


dietcokegrrl said...

OK, those pictures came out darling!!! Although I am seriously looking like a cow and I still have 14 more weeks to go. YIKES! Cankles anyone? yuck.

Jean said...

These parent ed classes are the best!! I'm totally pumped to join soon. Waaaaaay cute pictures.

Saunja said...

That looks like a really nice class. I'm glad you are all enjoying it so much. I like the bottle heads.

Kenny and Linsey said...

I love co-op parenting. Everybody wins!

Jessica said...

Love the little Bottle Heads picture. So cute!

theleguis said...

so what made you decide to join the parent classe? that sounds way cool. I've never heard of such a thing.