The rest of our Weekend

I know you're all waiting for the post where I tell you how much I LOVEd Twilight and that I'm going to see it 3 more times. Well, here it is. Only, I thought the movie was just "fine" and I probably won't see again for a while. But I did have fun hanging out with the girls. Even though I saw most of them the night before at Keith's wedding, the ladies made the drive from the westside to hang out in Pasadena. I parked by City Hall and had to take a picture. Beautiful at dusk:We had dinner first at Mi Piace. YUM. The pumpkin ravioli? Um, it was like dessert. And I ate every piece of it. We bought our movie tickets ahead of time, thinking the movie would sell out. And since Erica got there early to wait in line, we were first in the theater! Since most 13 year olds saw it at midnight Thursday night, the theater was full of 30 year old women, like us. Good fun. As I said earlier, the movie was okay. Really fun, but too choppy and too short. There was a lot missing. I thought Edward was great and I liked Bella too. I wanted more about the Cullens, I hated Rosalie, and the music was super annoying. But uh, yea. The movie was targeted at 13 year old girls. As always, fun to hang out with you ladies! Thanks for making the drive over here!
On Sunday, Casey made a pirate ship for Lucy out of an oatmeal container. It turned out great and Lucy thought it was fabulous:
Then we headed to my parent's house for birthday dinner celebration.
This picture makes me laugh. We had all finished and Laura was there just enjoying a few more bites. She looked so regal with a huge table all to herself:
Mere is home for a week from BYU-Idaho and it was so great to see her! She let the kids ride on her back. And has the best hair ever in this picture:
We opened some gifts (ipod for Casey, flat iron for Dana. And money for my new camera fund. It's a slow fund-raising process).
Lucy lunged at the cake as Gram lit the candles, blowing her spit everywhere:
We took a birthday pic:
And had our weekly dance party (thanks Laura for bringing the Yo Gabba Gabba music):
And that was our weekend. Jam-packed and super fun.
I even cleaned our entire house and organized closets! That may have been more exciting than seeing Twilight.


Suman Family said...

happy birthday, dana! have so much fun in utah for thanksgiving. that group shot makes me laugh at myself - how prego do i look? haha. i guess i shouldn't have had that second helping! i'm glad you kind of enjoyed twilight. looks like such a fun girls night out.

Jen Suman said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a fun weekend. As for Twilight, I have to say I was disappointed. The vampire makeup....umm, wow. Laughable, really. I felt like there was no development to the love story, it was really choppy like you said, and I hated the soundtrack. I honestly was laughing through a lot of it, I found it that bad. But then again, what more did I expect from a teeny bopper vampire movie? Anyway, I'm glad you at least somewhat enjoyed it ;) If nothing else it's always fun to have a night out with friends!

Jean said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Looks like a great weekend! I hated Rosalie too, btw. And Jasper was weird and stiff the whole time... Jenn said he reminded her of Edward Scissorhands, hahaha.

I'm glad your sister's back for a little while! Thanksgiving will be a party. I need to start a camera fund. My camera sucks.

Linsey said...

Happy Birthday to you both. A party at the Suman's is always a grand affair!

Elise said...

happy birthday! i'm starting to save my pennies for that same camera. i really, really want it. it got great reviews in consumer reports.

and i totally agree with you on twilight. much too choppy, but edward & bella were good. rosalie was awful.

the bates motel said...

sounds like a fun bday weekend. cute little pirate ship lucy made too! and i feel ya on all the twilight stuff. i was entertained, but i didn't feel rosalie and the music was a bit buggin. but it actually made me like edward more and bella was cute! the end.