Bye Bye Baby

Every day Lucy seems to understand more and more of what we're saying. When I say "sit down" she'll sit. When we get her dressed or put on her shoes, she knows what to do. When I say "bye bye", she leaves the room (I guess we need to work on that one a little more). And to show how sophisticated she is.....she's done drinking from a bottle! It's officially been 5 days of only drinking from a cup and it wasn't even a big deal.
I've tried in the past to get her to switch over and she kept wanting a bottle. Then last week I decided, this was it. It was time. And well, she just did it. So no more baby! No more bottles. It's fun to see our little girl growing up. If only she would give up her pacifier and little rag. Baby steps, I guess.

Here are some pics in her "I'm growing up" repertoire.
She likes to play with her dollhouse and Little People. Mostly she just puts them in and out of the car and presses all the noisy buttons.
She likes to give "High 5" and thinks it's pretty funny.
She sometimes lays on the ground to watch TV (still holding her rag and pacifer, of course).
She loves drinking Casey's soda. Today we got In-N-Out and decided to eat it in a near-by neighborhood by the Ritz Cartlon. We laughed thinking, oh we will never live in a neighborhood like this.....unless it's in Oklahoma (of course you can't see any of the nice homes in the shot....they're all guarded by large bushes).
But back to Lucy... here she is drinking from the straw. It starts with a wide open mouth.
Then eventually she'll take a small sip.
She loves it and always wants more!
She eats fries too. We're raising her properly. Rootbeer and fries.
And lastly, she has a sense of humor. She was watching Sesame Street yesterday and out of the blue, she started laughing at something on the show...a little furry mouse puppet. It was a genuine laugh. She really thought it was funny. Then later in the day, she was watching the same episode again (it was a long day) and I heard her laughing. I looked over and she was laughing at the exact same part again. For some reason, she found that mouse to be really funny. Here's her cute little laugh:

And that's our Lucy! Bye Bye baby. Hello 17 months old.


the bates motel said...

yeah for no bottle! that's so nice. i love the vid too, she sounds so cute w/ her little laugh. p.s. cute clip she has in her hair too!

The Willards said...

Love her little laugh! So darling. Yeah no more bottle. You are a good Mom, I am terrible, once the 12 mo mark hits I take the bottle away and they have no choice but the sippy cup. I guess I should have worked on the baby steps! Out little Lucy is growing up! Boy we miss her!

Brittany said...

I love the laugh. It's great that you get so many of her cute little moments on film. I wish I had a hidden, silent video camera built into my face so I could tape my little squirt every time he did something cute. For some reason he changes whatever he's doing as soon as I pull out the camera.