It's official

Bye Bye little $.79 burritos.
I finally got ahold of someone at Del Taco Customer Service today. He was very kind, spoke excellent english (that's helpful) and in a hesitant voice told me, "I hate to be the one to break it to you...but we removed that item from our menu two weeks ago."
Blasted. It's true.
He said I'm not the only one who has called to complain, however. And that he would send my name along to Marketing so they are aware of how many people will miss the Small Red (or Green).
AND...he told me that you can still order the small burrito in the children's meal. OR I can pay $.99 for the larger size burrito, but request that they make it a small one (but I have my doubts). Is it worth another $.20? Probably. I'll try it.
If you live in Utah, you may still be able to order it. My cousin Kam said she got one there just the other day. I was jealous.
So there you have it folks. Since companies aren't big on telling the public what they've downsized...Consider this blog the official Press Release from Del Taco to all the Willard Family Del Taco friends.
May you all find new menu items to love.

RIP Small Burrito.


Casey said...

As far as "Mexican" food goes, or as far as Fast Food goes, or maybe even as far as food goes, Del Taco is asi asi.

the Pasadena Willards said...

mas o menos

The Miller Family: said...

Its true ive ordered it 4 times since dana broke the news. maybe one day they will take them from utah, but for now im stoked!

Laura said...

okay, this is an old post, but i had to comment! eric and i were debating this the other night. i always order a small bean burrito at lunch and get it, yet whenever we go to the same del taco at night and order the small, it's a fattie. i guess it depends on how old school the workers are.