Rocking Snail

This past Christmas, Grandpa Willard made the most adorable wooden Rocking Snail for Lucy. Her cousin Jackie has one too (it's become a cute Grandpa Willard tradition). Lucy was very unsure of it at Christmas time. But we've been pulling it out this past month and Lucy loves it! Mostly she just wants to climb on and off. The rocking is only secondary enjoyment. We used to hold the Snail steady while she climbed on, but she's now proven that she can get on by herself.
I'm really starting to sense a brave spirit in Lucy. She's never afraid to climb on anything. We caught her standing up on the push bike at Casey's parent's house and she sloooowly started lifting her arms and smiled (as if, "look mom! No hands!") She also tried to stand on their ottoman, but we had to tell her "no". She's very agile. And she wants to do things on her timetable. She may not be talking yet....but she's already our little athlete. She definitely takes after her father. Here's Lucy on the Rocking Snail (I apologize for my loud voice):


The Willards said...

Gotta love the rocking snail. G'pa did a great job on them. It is fun seeing her play on it.

By the way Dana, did you lighten your hair back to blond? Looks cute!

Mark said...

Rad rocking snail. I didn't know snails knew how to rock. I had this rad image in my mind of Lucy standing on the bike with no hands smiling really big. She's totally rad.

Thanks for reading my iPhone post. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes, I went through after you read it and corrected them.

Mike, Darci & Molly said...

That is a great. WOW! What a talent to be able to make something like that.
I love her pig tails. She's a cutie!