Our little pool

I'd been looking for a little pool for Lucy for the past month and hadn't been able to find one. We tried a variety of stores, except (duh)...Target. I guess I thought they wouldn't carry such cheap trashy pools. But they do! And for only $7.99!
So, we bought one and threw it in the back of Casey's truck.
Lucy used it for the first time today and loved it.
It was like a huge bathtub, which she greatly enjoys.
She spent most of the time splashing and pouring water in and out of these green cups. Of course, she tried to drink the water from the cups too.
She laughed every time she tried to drink from the cup...but mostly she ended up pouring water all over her face.


Heather said...

What a great way to cool off in the afternoons!

The Willards said...

I wonder if Lucy this the pool is not as fun as the ocean. She is such a "Beach Babe" already that you can't help but wonder if it is just a little 'ho hum' to her. Though she does look like she is having a blast & she seems to always enjoy anything she does.

My favorite part of these pictures...The diaper, nice & water logged!!