No more $.79 burritos???

I went to Del Taco for lunch today and was informed at the register that they no longer carry "small red burritos" (or the small bean and cheese burrito for $.79). What???!! That is what I always order, along with something else. The lady taking my order said they have discontinued serving that burrito company-wide....but that just this once, for today, she would still let me order it (since I seemed in shock?)
I know what you're thinking, "duh...just get the 1/2 pound bean and cheese. It's the same thing only a little bigger." But it is not the same thing. The tortillas on the small burritos are much softer and pliable. The 1/2 pounder tortillas are thick and rubbery to me. And the ratios are off. The small burrito has the perfect amount of beans:tortilla per bite. Just ask my cousin Adrian. She is an avid small burrito fan.
So when I got home, I immediately put a call into Del Taco customer service. As a self-declared "Del Taco Fan Club" member, it was only my duty. Sadly, no one answered. Who leaves work at 4pm the day before a national holiday?!
Well, I left my phone number, which location I ate at, and a detailed inquiry about their burritos. We'll see if they respond. As far as I'm concerned....the verdict is still out.
Are the small burritos really gone....?!


The Willards said...

This is a HUGE bummer if there is no more smal burrito. I too LOVE the smal (green) burritos w/ small fry (yummy). This is a HUGE mistake on Del Taco's part. Another tragedy...like when they took away the Snickers Toppers!!! Big mistake, HUGE!!!

the Willards said...

Okay, I'm so glad to know I'm not alone! And especially within the Willard family :) I love btw, that both our comments are "the Willards". For those reading, "the Willards" above are Jeff and Nicole.
Thank you for feeling my pain.

megan said...

Ok, I've never eaten at Del Taco (don't hate me) but obviously I've been missing out! It sounds so yummy too!

the Willards said...

well....it's not THAT amazing. But it's far superior to Taco Bell. As far as fast food goes, it's pretty darn good. I also love their Spicy Jack Quesadillas.

Eric said...

I noticed that they haven't had it on their menus for at least a year now, ever since we moved back to California. I have ordered it many times recently though and they always have done it without questions. But Dana, do you remember when we would go to the 2nd Del Taco ever in Barstow on the way back to school? They wouldn't allow me to purchase small burritos there either, and that was 8 years ago. So I guess it's official now. Kind of a bummer, I agree, the burritos are the perfect portions of the ingredients. Sorry, long post. Also, all the Willards need to get a room.

The Willards said...

WILLARDS RULE!!! (as Jeff would say) =)