More Christian Bale, please

On Saturday, Casey and I saw the new Werner Herzog film, Rescue Dawn and it was fabulous. For some reason no matter how many war movies I watch, I always find them intriguing....maybe because it's something I'll never experience first-hand (fighting in combat, that is) or perhaps because they're usually based on real events. I like movies based on real events and real people.
Rescue Dawn takes place in a POW camp in Laos during the Vietnam war. While there are some explosions and "war" footage, most of the film is character driven. And these characters are great. They each have a different conviction to either escape the camp, or stay and wait it out since "the war will be over soon, and they'll let us go". The scenery is so real, the actors believable, and some scenes had me clutching fists and gritting my teeth, wondering what the outcome would be. I haven't felt that in movie since....I can't remember.
Probably the best part of it all, however, is Christian Bale. What an excellent actor. In comparison to Ocean's 11 flimsies who are simply playing themselves in tailored suits, Christian Bale honestly studies and becomes his role. And he shows variety: Batman Begins, The Prestige, Empire of the Sun, Swing Kids, Little Women, Newsies (can you tell I prefer his "lighter" roles). He's done some strange films as well, which I haven't seen. For the film The Machinist, where he plays a heroin addict, he stuck to a crazy diet of one apple and a few cups of coffee a day. From the ads, he looked like skin and bones. I don't condone starving oneself for a role, but yes, he is the type to take his role to heart.
So, to Hollywood I say: More Christian Bale please!

If you're looking for an excellent film that's worth your $10, Rescue Dawn is one to watch.
And if you haven't seen Batman Begins in a while, check it out! We rented it the other night and I was reminded why it is far more interesting than it's Batman predecessors. Of course, watching the Bat Mobile scene left us wanting a little Jimmy Fallon/MTV movie awards spoof. So if you haven't (or have) seen this, please enjoy......great stuff.
"He's flying on rooftops! (he's flying on rooftops!)"


the bates motel said...

the movie sounds interesting. we'll prob have to wait till rental, but it's always good to find a decent movie!

Suman Family said...

eric and i totally wanted to see this when we saw the preview in the theater. good to know that it's worth the cash. thanks for the review!

Brittany said...

I think I was in love with Jack Kelly/Laurie/Christian Bale for most of my teenage life.