Take Me Out to the Albright Sportsmen

With Casey starting school (and still working full-time) we've realized that our schedules have become quite busy. But you still gotta make time for playing sports, right? Of course!

So once a week, on Tuesday nights, Casey heads to the West Side to play city-league Softball with all the old friends.

They are: The Albright Sportsmen.
The past couple seasons have been rough. But this season, they are 5-4! They may even make the playoffs!
Any way you look at it though, they definitely have the best uniforms in the league. And there's always a stand full of fans (mostly female) to cheer them on. Surprising? Look how cute these guys are...

We stopped in last night for their game and...they won! Woohoo. Lucy had too much fun as the team busy-body, picking up bats, gloves, dirt, whatever. She even tried doing her own pull-ups!

Here's Casey at The Bat:
And more of The Sportsmen (photos compliments of the fabulous Kristen Johnson).

Kevin Ditty's trading card photo is by far our favorite.
Yes, that's a team player. No, it's not a mountain man. Yes, he plays in jeans. Yes, he won 1 vs. 100. Yes, it's Chaz.
And here are some shots of the female fans (after a few attempts at taking this picture, Kristen and I figured this was the best it would get).

Nice job Sportsmen! Hope to see more vicotories from your camp!


The Willards said...

Fun for Casey. Jeff plays on a City League too and we go watch him every Tuesday night. It is a lot of fun! It is good for them to play and take a break from the stresses of work & life.

I have pictures too. Jeff didn't want me to post them at first, but maybe he will let me now. They are not as cool as these pictures, but still fun!

the Pasadena Willards said...

yes, you must post pics! There are so many posts on our blog about Lucy...that it's nice to showcase Casey once in a while.

Mike, Darci & Molly said...

I love the post and I don't even know the team. It reminds me of the originals "The Bad News Bears" (1976). GO Team!

the bates motel said...

nice posts! like the sephia pics too. way to go casey! glad you were able to make it back to catch the highlights of the game (with the new highlights in your hair). haha. dorky! have fun working this week!

the Pasadena Willards said...

haah. yes, many highlights going around. i love my blonder hair by the way! thanks rachael!