Ponies and Bikes

Lucy has been staying with Grandma and Grandpa Willard this week while I go to work. And she loves being there! She plays with the mini kitchen set, the blocks, the doll stroller, and the little bike outside. She hops on that thing like she's a total pro. Um, I guess she is.
Yesterday before we left for work, I tried putting a ponytail in her hair (since she naturally has a nice mullet going). She didn't like it for the first minute. But then I guess she forgot about it! And she rode around on the bike with her little ponytail intact. I know it's a tiny tail, but it's so cute! Now I need to work on the two little pigtails.

She looks so old to me in this picture


Garrett Family said...

Cute pony tail on a sweet little girl. This is just the beginning, you're in for so many fun hair days. Girls are fun!

The Willards said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love when the hair is long enough for pig hairs. Fun!

Love the little car, Jacqueline was never quite tall enough to use her little feet to make it move when G'pa & G'ma would bring it out. Glad Lucy has got it down.