Sunday Billiards

Brinton, my nephew from Texas, is here in Calif for a few weeks and has been dyyyying to get everyone together for a Billiards competition. So this past Sunday at my parents' house, we had a Pool Tournament.
We set-up the bracket with youngest playing oldest....

Liesl vs. Casey: Tough match-up. Casey won.
Brinton vs. Camille: Camille won and Brinton was crushed. How could he be out of his own tournament so soon? Grandma to the rescue (everyone's a winner, right?). She let Brinton back in. We all teased him.
Meredith vs. Dana: Long, boring, drawn-out match. Dana won.
Final game of the first round: Eric vs. Bryan.
Eric was ahead most of the game, then scratched on the 8 ball at the bitter end. Bryan won.

Dana vs. Casey: Casey won.
Brinton vs. Bryan: Bryan also scratched and by default.....Brinton won.

Brinton vs. Casey: Scratching was in the air. By default, Brinton won again!
So there you have it folks. Brinton never had to clear the table AND he was actually out in the first round and won it all! That's the way to set up your tourney.
To top it off...Eric decided to play one more round with Liesl. He again scratched and so she won. I call this picture, The Ultimate Winner and Ultimate Loser (just for the night)
Nice job everyone. Very fun times.
Here are the serious contenders. I like this picture for 2 reasons.
1. I guess I married a walrus?
2. Bryan didn't get the "don't smile" memo
3. Saying "so-and-so didn't get the memo" is so late 80s.
And here are the bystanders. Grandpa and Ava. Both so cute.
And just for fun....
On our drive down that night, we saw this car on the freeway. I think it speaks for itself (except you may not be able to tell...but the brown on the front and end of the car is splattered mud. I guess they took this doozie for a little off-roading??) I'm so glad my camera is always on-hand!


the bates motel said...

like the "tourney" looks like you guys had fun! i don't think i've played pool at your house for years. i love having a camera on hand, especially for fun moments!

Suman Family said...

cute pics. fun evening!

Tim & Jean said...

Haha, I love the walrus picture of Casey! Awesome fun.

Casey said...

For some reason, Bryan doesn't know how to be serious for a photo. Even our nephew and neice knew how to look tough in that shot.


The Willards said...

That is a fun idea. What a fun night! I Love the fun things you do with your family. Good times!

I didn't know you married a walrus, but... from the looks of it you did. Sometimes, I a m not sure what I married...hard to tell.