"You're not allowed to say it's hot"

When we were kids growing up in California, we spent 2 weeks of the summer at my Granner's house in Tempe, Arizona. On the 6-hour drive hour over, my mom laid down the rules. Number one rule: "you're not allowed to say it's hot." As kids of course, you don't really seem to care.
But today I care.
And I'm saying out loud..."IT'S FREAKING HOT."
All you Arizonans can laugh at me. But if I did actually live there, I too would be running my A/C all day. Today however, we have just have the fans blowing and they're only mildly helping. We're at my mom's house in Orange County (though it wouldn't be any different in Pasadena) and well, it's plain hot.
Lucy is sleeping (with a fan 2 inches from her crib). So while my mom is here at the house, I just stepped out for a 15 min air-conditioned getaway. And I spent 10 of those minutes hanging out at AM/PM. I used their restroom, browsed the Hostess shelf, got a drink, didn't mind waiting in line to pay, and embarassingly, just really enjoyed hanging out in their nice cool building. It's gross to admit.
Now I'm back in the hot house sewing. Truly a sweat shop.
I love California? I guess I just love A/C.


lettieb said...

First - it seems funny that, of all times, you guys would go to Arizona in the summer. Second, I'd love to hear more about your sewing projects. When we come out for the draft, I'm going to have to get instructions from you again about how to make those cool blankets.

the bates motel said...

funny! it's actually "really" hot down here in hb today. i told bren "do you realize 80* is cool for az". i guess long lived the a/c! have fun sewing! did camille tell you her fun idea about that? k see you later!

the Willards said...

Collette....I know. I've actually wondered about that too. I think my mom had it backwards. People should have come TO California to visit us for the summer. Oh well. We loved it!

Heather said...

I have a/c, come play anytime!

Brittany said...

I have a picture of myself in front of that "thermometer" in Baker, CA when it said--brace yourself--119. Then a couple seconds later I took a picture of my friend just after it changed to 120! On a mostly unrelated topic, did you notice they changed the Bun Boy restaurant to a Bob's Big Boy? Strange things are afoot.