Higher Love

Casey says to me once a week, "you totally love the 80s".
And well, it's true. Hello, I was born in '76. I grew up on the Cosby Show. And isn't 1984 touted as the best year EVER?!
For a reminder of how great that year was, click here. This list doesn't include all the great movies that came out that year. But it's got some great stuff.
And guilty as charged, I heard Steve Winwood's Higher Love on the radio a few minutes ago, and totally loved it. The funny thing about that song is that I know nothing about Steve Winwood. And the only other song on his discography that I know is High Life (what's with the word "high"?) I know, it's a totally middle-aged woman, silky blouse, KOST kinda song from the 80s, and for some reason I just love it whenever it comes on. Deep down, I think it just reminds me of the last 2 minutes of Big Business ('88, not '84), which really isn't all that great of a movie and as Brett Spackman told me once, he could never figure out why his girlfriend's whole family loved the movie while he sat there shaking his head. But you know that feeling of sitting in a dark theater while the movie wraps up and some great song comes on as the closing credits roll by...you just smile to yourself, having enjoyed a decent movie while the bass in the theater is pumping, "bring me a higher love..." and your fingers start taping along?? Yea, I think that's it. Which is why I also went to Captain Eo every Disneyland trip, because I just love The Way You Make Me Feel.

Oh yes, I do love the 80s.


Heather said...

Eww, 80s music, like, gag me with a spoon!

(just kidding. I have a secret affinity for the music, too.)

Mike, Darci & Molly said...

Mike and I both love the 80's and he was born in 1981. Ah those were the good old days!