Day in LA

On Friday, my family came up to the LA for the day. The original plan was to go to the LA Zoo, since we have a membership there. But after having lunch at In-N-Out on Harvey...we all decided we just wanted to play at the park instead. So we headed to Griffith Park and spent a couple hours there just having fun!
There was a toy for everyone:
And Lucy really mastered the twisty slide. We helped her a couple times and then she was on her own. She was even sneaking her way past the bigger kids to get on there.
Here she is climbing up....and coming down:

There was a really cool basketball hoop that came out in 3 directions. You never quite knew where the ball would be. This shot of HORSE involved bouncing the ball off Lucy's head. She didn't seem to mind.
What the kids were looking forward to the most, however, was riding the little train that goes around the park (well, in a very small area). It's quite cute and looks like a mini Amtrak.
It took us a while to find the train though, since most of the park is still closed-off from the recent fires. And as we got there, walked up to the station, we saw the last group of people leaving on their ride. The kids watched endlessly as the train went around, hoping that the conductor would come back and decide to go for one more round.
But when he got back to the station he told us that no, that was the last ride. 4:30 is when they close. None of our puppy dog pleading helped. A few kids burst into tears. So my mom thought....well, lets go look at the ponies next door (where they do pony rides). But when we walked over there, the ponies were all put away in the stable! Lauren was in extremely low spirits and just sat by herself sulking.
It was sad, but really funny too.
We made it up to her, though. We drove through the Hollywood Hills and she got a good look at the Hollywood Sign (all she's wanted to do this trip was "go to Hollywood" because that's where all the American Idol kids say they're going.) We got slurpees and ice cream at 7-11. And THEN we checked out Dodger Stadium. Casey and Brinton stayed for the game that night. And Liesl came home with me to spend the night at our place. In the morning we made french toast and watched Shrek.
Fun day in LA!
Glad everyone came up!


the bates motel said...

looks like you guys had a fun time. the park looks really nice. love the pic of lauren sulking.

Jenn said...

Wow Lucy really is FEARLESS & independent! Hopefully this is a good sign for Nursery!!

Suman Family said...

sad we missed out. looks like a lot of fun! funny stories about missing everything.