Flash Back Friday - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

A few weeks ago, my sister Camille was watching TV and saw an ad for an upcoming concert....George Michael. She called me the next day and told me he was coming to the states for a new tour and most importantly, should we go?! Um, Yes! She also called her best friend from growing up, Jessica (she's pretty much family) to see if she was in and Jessica replied, "can you place a price tag on seeing George Michael?" Okay, some of you may answer yes (my cap was $65). But having grown up on GM, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, Howard Jones, New Edition, and other great classics from the 80s, we are huge fans. Camille and Jessica are probably bigger die-hards than I. But the notion of a George Michael concert brings back many memories:

* WHAM - Make it Big Album: And we wondered if he and Andrew were gay?
I can vividly picture my cousin Jarond and his friend lip syncing Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go for our Elementary school talent show in 5th Grade. They both had on fluorescent pink sweatshirts and pegged jeans. Their hair was doing the wave. And they were totally cool. It brought the house down.

* George Michael - Faith:
Memories of Jr. High School and listening to the album with my friend Christy Igarashi. I think she had the cassette tape. But even better are memories of Camille doing a solo video to Faith for the joint YM/YW activity. It was supposed to be a group/class video, but they misunderstood. So there was Camille, for 3 solid minutes in her jeans jacket and guitar, lip syncing the words. Classic.

* George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice:
High School. Totally high school. Dark cold drives to seminary with Camille in the blue Honda Civic, running on fumes, listening to this more thought-provoking GM album. I still listened to it in college. And most recently, reminds me of Brett's Freedom 90 video: Devin and his white VW Rabbit, dancing around at the gas station. Great video Brett. (Casey actually owns this album too. Shocking?)

* George Michael - OLDER:
My late college years. Fastlove and other good songs.

* George Michael - Ladies And Gentlemen:
Great 2-disc album with the best of. One CD is fast songs, one CD is slow songs. Was stolen from my car when I lived in West LA.

And that ends my GM album tour! I'm really excited to see him in concert! We found the best tickets for our dollar in San Diego. So on June 17th, we three girls will live it up like we were 12 again, only the hair and make-up have improved. Here's a flashback snapshot (Jessica, Me, and Camille...and my dad in the background):


the bates motel said...

that will be such a fun concert! when i think of gm i totally think of you! i think from you i started to like him! funny. have fun at the concert! livin it up in s.d!

Connie said...

Awesome! I love GM- sounds like fun!

lettieb said...

I thought George Michael was dreamy. The only time I wondered if he was gay was when he was wearing TWO earrings in the "Club Tropicana" video. The white speedo and giggling and all that went right over my head. If you haven't looked at any of their old videos on Youtube lately, you have to. Totally funny!
I never really listened to his 2 albums after "Faith," but should probably check them out. I love "Ladies & Gentleman." Nate doesn't like it when I play any of it!
I am looking forward to your recap of the concert next month. Sounds like fun!! :)

Lexie & Sharrid said...

I love George Michael! I grew up on all the songs off that Wham! album. "Everything She Wants" and "Careless Whisper" are my favorite songs...my dad can't sing very well but one day he told me if he could have any voice, he would choose George Michael's, I thought that was cool. His voice is incredible, it's one of my favorites, have a good time!

dietcokegrrl said...

I have (and love) all the albums except the last two which I haven't heard. Maybe its time to check them out...

Can't wait to hear how the concert is. Great pic--I would never have guessed that was you in the middle.

The Miller Family: said...

first of all...he hasnt toured in 17 years! also Jarond bought 2 tickets for $500! Now that's die hard.

megan said...

I loveee the flashback picture...so fun! And I think it's just as fun that you 3 are going to a GM concert!! I'm actually not a huge 80s music person...but there are some songs that I like and that list includes some GM. Have tons of fun! Can't wait to see concert pics!

The Paske Family said...

I am so jealous! Wham was my very first cassette tape and I also lip synced a song for my musical talent in my music class. (I am not by nature musically inclined). I enjoyed all of the Lucy info. You have inspired me to do something similar for Ava. They change so much, so fast that it is nice to go back and see a slice of their personality.

Jean said...

Hahaha... I love flashback pictures. That is totally adorable!

Ahhh, George Michael. Good times.

Camille said...

Oh my gosh Dana....Good recap! I love it!! You brought back some good memories! I seriously CAN'T wait for the day!

La La Land said...

Love the 80's, love GM! I will be your father figure!

teresa and the boys said...

Aaron saw the picture of you three girls, and went, "Yep... that would be the cousins I grew up with!"

Also, I should mention that my very first slow dance ever was in my Jr. High gymnasium during a "Lunch Dance" and the song was "One More Try." I do love me some GM. Looking forward to the recap and pics!