Indiana Jeremy

*warning* tons of pictures...

On Saturday we had one final celebration with Jeremy for his 6th birthday. It was Indiana Jones party! Camille the artist had the cutest/coolest decorations. She and my dad spent all week making signs and painting scenery:
Indiana Jeremy:
Indiana hung out in the backyard all throughout the party:
At one point, a gust of wind came and blew him off but he caught on to another string of lights. Too appropriate:Bryan and Camille came up with some fun games for the 30 or so kids that were there. This was their version of dodge ball: remember the big boulder that chases Indie in Raiders? Well it's coming to get you! Don't let the ball catch you! The kids loved it.
And next was a relay game with snakes instead of batons. The kids were jamming so quickly around the backyard:There was a bounce house with an attached slide for the kids:
and for the adults:The snackbar looked like a trading post where kids loaded up on cotton candy and snow cones! Some of the older guests enjoying the festivities:
Camille's good friend Heather, Laura, and my mom:Lucy enjoyed the snowcones almost as much as the bounce house:
Owen and his slobbery chin attended the party too:
Bryan's parents, Kathy and Bruce:
A real-life Indiana. Grandpa Suman:
Of course the adults created their own games to make the party interesting. Who can dive into the bounce house most gracefully?
Nice form Casey!
Um, here's what it looked like on the other side:
And next was this one: Who can find Eric's wedding ring in the large bucket of ice and soda cans?Post-game, letting the arms thaw out:
And of course a party is always more fun with Cotton Candy. Everyone loves the fluffy pink:
I don't even know this kid's name, but he was too cute the whole day. That hair!
Camille and Jeremy the birthday boy:
Six little candles:
Plenty of treats:
And a whole lotta kids singing to Jeremy:Happy Birthday Jeremy! Glad we could party with you and your friends!


the bates motel said...

what a great party! the decs were great (not that i'm surprised)! looks like there was fun for everyone!

dietcokegrrl said...

Great idea! Looks like such a fun time!!

Camille said...

Dana thank you SO much for being the photographer for the day!! You did such a great job! It will be so fun to look back and remember the fun day. Thank you again. I'm also glad that your family all came and were able to enjoy in the festivities. Lucy was so cute. Too bad we don't have a picture of her walking around holding all of those balloons. That was too cute!

teresa and the boys said...

Holy moly... what a fun party! Seriously, Camille needs to market this -- she could make a killing planning kids' parties! But before she starts charging, I need her to come plan Coop's! =)

Anne said...

Your family is so fun, talented, creative and artistic, it never ceases to amaze me! What a fun party, and I'm sure Jeremy had the time of his life.

It won't be long until your kids get the special dose of Suman creativity at their birthday parties. Fun, fun!