More symbol recognition

Yesterday Lucy kept saying to me "Tar, Tar, Tar" and I had no idea what she was talking about. Finally I looked over and noticed a Target bag sitting on the floor. She knows a good symbol when she sees it! But even more impressive was the other week when we saw a Toyota Corolla parked next to us. Her friend Chloe's family has a beige colored one. This one, however, was dark brown but she looked over and said "Chloe's car?"
What??? She knows what a Toyota Corolla looks like, even in a different color? She clearly doesn't take after my mom. Sorry Mom, but seriously....a Ford doesn't look like a BMW 5 Series.

The more I watch Lucy learn, the more I'm convinced she's a very visual person. She's known the alphabet and numbers for a while now and points them out whenever we're out and about. Just yesterday she was playing with the letter "c" magnet and kept turning it to make it into a "U". Clever. And she's great with colors. I'm almost running out of the normal colors to teach her. Now when she asks "what's that?", I think I'll start throwing in "teal" and "magnenta". And she's so into saying the color along with the object. In the middle of the night last night I was helping her get back in bed (long annoying day/night with her) and just as I told her goodnight she pointed to her bed and exclaimed, "mommy. white pillow!" and then laid down to sleep. I chuckled. No matter what time of day, we must point out our colors!

On an unrelated note, she's also started doing a funny pretend-play thing. Whenever she has 2 of any sort of item she says "Mommy, Daddy?" (meaning, one is the mom and one is the dad). It's so funny. She does it with anything. She'll be holding two sticks and ask, "mommy? daddy?" or two similar stuffed animals or two of anything. It's real cute. I think she learned it from watching Little Bear. She sees two larger bears that look similar and knows they are Mommy and Daddy bear. Thus, things in twos are Mommies and Daddies.


Suman Family said...

wow! what a smart little girl! maybe she's born to be an artist.

lyndsey + brandon said...

lol that is so cute. she's a smart girl! and way to start her young on the fabulous world of target :)

Nicole said...

She is a smart little cookie!! JAcqueline was the same way, the girl could point out anything she saw the symbol too once we had been there even just one time & say the word. I love the mommy & daddy play too. The girls do that with everything also, I love when it is funny things like you said Lucy does with sticks. Very cute, kids are amazing!!

Anne said...

What fun- she sounds like a little smarty just eating up her surroundings. That is such a great age. Keep documenting the cute things, I wish I had done it more!

Grayson Family said...

My kids are 4 and they still do the mommy daddy thing with inanimate objects. Isn't that funny?