Thoughts on tonight's American Idol

We just finished watching Night 1 of the A.I. Finale. A few thoughts:

- How silly did David Archuleta look in the first 5 minutes when they were introduced? "and in this corner we have...." Big grin, bouncing from sided to side, hitting his gloves together....David!
- I like it when Randy and Simon wear suits.
- I voted for David Cook. I don't usually vote. But when Seyesha was in the bottom each week, I started voting for her (I guess it didn't help). And I do like David Cook's style. I would actually listen to one of his songs on the radio. If David Archuleta was on the radio, I'd probably change the station. Now yes, D. Archuleta probably has a superior voice, but his whole package deal is SO totally cheesy. I mean seriously, I couldn't agree more with Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber (I just like using Sir)....keep your freaking eyes open dude! Even when the eyes are open, he's so squinty. It drives me crazy to watch him sing. And his style is best classified as: Donnie Osmond (not because he's mormon, but because he's corny). So what I'm saying is....while David Cook may not be the best singer, he has a more appealing style (to me) and I just don't want the cheese ball to take home the gold. So I voted for Cook.
- I totally forgot about Danny Noriega until they did the montage at the end. I miss him. How great was the unintentional comedy level while he was on?
- Ryan clearly had on makeup. Not shocking. Everyone on camera does. But his just seemed extra noticeable tonight. His face looked overly tan and his eyes were well lined.
- I liked Paula's sparkly dress (and I fast-forwarded through each of her comments, as usual. I guess my comment about her is akin to her comments to every female, "you look stunning tonight" - not that she looked stunning, but you know, I'll just comment on her looks rather than anything of substance.)
- Casey's standing comment from day one till now "it's glorified karaoke hour."
- David Archuleta's facial expressions/reactions to the judge's comments were awesome.
- Ruben has a pleasant voice. I would never buy/own one of his albums, but his voice is very clear and well, pleasant.
- David Archuleta will likely win tomorrow night. Um, Go Mormons and stuff?

I don't mean to sound down on American Idol. It's a great show and I think this season really raised the bar to a new level. There were some entertaining singers/performers. And anyone who made it to the top 6 or so probably has a career of some sort ahead of them anyway. I just like to pick on things that are cheesy. And A.I. has plenty of that to go around.


Nat said...

Ok so David A.'s reaction to the judges comments was HILARIOUS! I could not get enough of his whole "I'm so shocked that you think I'm a good singer that I might pass out" look. Can I like both Davids? They're so different, it's hard for me to compare their styles.

Camille said...

Well said! I hope David Cook wins. Either way, they'll both get deals and will both be on the radio. I will probably change the station too if Archulleta is on. Although I really liked his version of "Imagine." Am I alone on that? It will be fun to watch tomorrow.

dana said...

Natalie, YES. Exactly, "Um, Wow Simon. Amazing. Thank you, THANK you. Oh My Gosh. Wow. I'm about to cry..."
Gratitude and humility are good qualities. The way he was doing it though just made me laugh.

Camille, I do agree too...I thought David A's "Imagine" performance was good. The song works well on his voice.

We'll see what happens tomorrow night!

danyelly said...

I have loved watching this season! Especially 'cause David A. is from my home town of Murray, UT. There was a different Mayor Snarr while I was there, so I was pretty shocked when I saw the mustache.

We like to tease Archuleta with his "Oh my gosh" goofy personality, but we had to admit that his voice sounded awesome last night. I voted for him, but agree that both of the Davids, win or lose, will be successful.

On the playback at the end, David Cook's pressence and appeal were much stronger than Archuletas.

Can't wait to see the final.

Joe and Marci said...

I love them both, but if it came down to it, I would by Cook's CD - it's more my style. I think I just have hometown pride for Archuleta - although, he did great last night! He's just such a cute kid, but he needs to stick to singing and not interviewing.

I admit I didn't vote last night, so I guess I'll get the American Idol that I deserve!

lyndsey + brandon said...

okay i wholeheartedly agree with you on most points, though i will admit i voted twice for archie just because i felt like he did a great job last night (hilarious facial expressions and hyperventilation notwithstanding). HAHA. i still smile thinking about it. (i voted like a million times for david cook.)

and THANK YOU for calling out ryan's makeup! i totally said "wow, ryan needs to turn down the eyeliner" and no one paid attention to me. haha.

we also decided david a. is more josh groban style than anything else. i can say josh groban has great talent etc. but what do i do when his song comes on the radio? change the station. and i would do that for DA even if he doesnt win.

dana said...

Lynsey, I'm so glad you noticed the makeup too!

And you all have it right, D.A. did an excellent job last night. I agree with Simon that he prob won each round. But Danielle, yes, on the playback at the end D.C.s presence really shined through (and a few sour notes he sang too. yikes)

debra said...

I don't even watch the show, but obviouosly being here in Utah--- there's lots of Archuletta talk going on. I don't know why the mayor of Murray has given David his own day---- some things just baffle me.

My girls watch the show and they're rooting for David Cook too.

Nicole said...

Well said! I thought the whole boxing theme, in their corners thing was a little much last night. Kinda silly!! As for David A. he just does not have the "Look" of an A.I! Plus sometimes he looks while being interviewed just drive me up the wall!!! He is just a naive, young kid, though the kid can sing and this would be a good break for him. But, David C. he's got the look and talent, though I think he'd maybe do better on his own without Idol, like Chris Daughtry. Who knows, can't wait for the reslult show.

Sara said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I decided that David A isn't that bad- as long as I close my eyes and don't watch him. His goofiness drives me crazy- especially his responses to the judges, um testimony meeting??

David Cook should win, but I don't think he will... either way I am sure he'll get a record deal and end up doing better than David A with mainstream America. David A could release a Josh Grobin type CD or a teeny bopper- we'll see.

Allison said...

ha! Amens all around. Great post, and nice job echoing all my sentiments about both of the Davids. Ted has a gag reflex whenever Archuleta comes on, but at the same time, admits he can't sing like that. I'm rootin' for Cook because he has a backbone.

The Facks of Life said...

I wanted to hand David A. a paper bag and have him breathe in it. ha ha! So funny! A little overboard. Can I just say yay that tonight is the last night?! Not that I don't like AI, I'm just ready for it to be over already! David A. will win but who's going to buy his album? Not me. David C. is good. But I can think of about 10 other "rockers" that sound just like him.

dana said...

Niki, for sure....David C has a great voice. But the airwaves are not without plenty of soundalikes.

Miriam Oh said...

I agree with you on so many levels!!!
- i hated the dumb opening!
- Ryan TOTALLY had on make-up, i noticed it too!
- Paula is a waste of air time and just so awkward!
- i blame D. Archuleta's a-hole dad for the little guy's weirdness.

All in all, both singers are pretty awesome. But Idol is getting boooring.

Lexie & Sharrid said...

Yeah a million other guys sound just like Cook, we don't need another. Everyone on TV has to wear makeup even the president so I don't know why that'a hot topic, but then again I didn't see how overboard it must have been, either way it's not his fault.

And here's a big question: Who buys any of AI's cds? Maybe Kelly Clarkson but seriously if you own any of the others, you've probably let your music standard down. I hate how they win a contract and go on and no one really cares even though they try to. It's just an entertaining show but we have way to many non significant celebs running around because of AI now.

tagunder said...

Here's my two cents:
1. David A's got the stronger voice, but NO creative spark whatsoever in his musical arrangements or song choices. I'm thinking he's the puppet and his dad is the puppet master. Imagine is a great song for him, but I always felt like he was trying too hard to persuade me to notice how precious he was.
2. David C. bugged me at first with his over confidence and weird hair cut. But then he kind of won me over, over the course of the show. I appreciated his taking more creative risks with his song selection. I liked his guts.
3. I almost threw up when I saw Paula dancing in her red dress last night -- I saw WAY too much 45 year old cleavage. (I literally shudder as I type this).
4. What was the deal with Ryan's makeup? Yeah, he wears it every show, but why so much for the finale? Did you also notice how abnormally tan Simon was? Speaking of tans, David Cook doesn't look like he's seen the outdoors for at least six months.
5. It seems like both Davids could probably be successful in the music industry, but David A may have a better shot at longevity -- there are a lot of David Cook similarities already out there.
Okay, I've probably exceeded my two cents by now!