Feeling hot, hot, hot

It's been a scorcher weekend so we decided to cool off a bit by installing ceiling fans in the bedrooms! The kids and I went to Home Depot on Friday and scoured their ceiling fan department. We've put in a fan before and I had the same question question then: WHY do they all look so ornate and gooey? I just want something simple, plain, and with silver chrome. No shiny gooooooold. After much searching through the Home Depot shelves, we found a winner. I think this is as plain as they come (though there's still room for improvement):Casey installed one fan Friday night and the other Saturday morning. And it's been GREAT! I've slept pretty good the past two nights, despite the heat and open windows, with the pleasant breeze overhead.
We spent the rest of our Saturday running errands, eating at Chipotle, and at one point Lucy said to us "home?". Um, okay. She never really wants to go home. But she must have been tired because she fell asleep on the drive and slept for an hour when we got there. Our friends were watching the kids for us that night so I got her up early from her nap. I feared she'd be awake till 10:30 at their house if her nap was too long. When we got her up and she was completely exhausted. She felt warm, she sat on my lap for a hour, and then she spent the rest of the afternoon doing this:
She was totally lethargic. I think it may have been heat exhaustion and a little dehydration. I tried to get her to drink, but she didn't want a single thing. The only thing that got her to perk up was when I said, "do you want to go to Chloe's house?" She sat up and got a big smile on her face. So we still went on our date night and dropped the kids off with Sarah. (HUGE thank you Sarah). And we spent a few hours at The Americana in Glendale. It was SO crowded, but we had a great time. There's a big lake in the middle with dancing waters, shops around the perimeter, and condos/apartments on the top floors:
There's even a Rite Aid :). We ran of time for ice cream though:
We wandered the shops, looking for new Casey jeans. We found him a hat at H&M and eventually wandered over to Old Navy on Brand. We were successful! A pair of jeans and a pair of pants for his work wardrobe. Then we ate Wetzel's Pretzels and hurried back to the theater for Iron Man. Okay, I'm not an action film girl (which is funny, since I spent 3 years working for Bruckheimer Films in Post Production/VFX). But....this film was GREAT. I love Robert Downey Jr. (and feel the need to put a search on our tivo for any RDJ vehichles. A little Back To School might do the trick. ) Acting was great, FX were fun, good music, good writing. And they didn't exploit the Tony Spark/Pepper Potts thing. Keep the sexual tension alive. Really fun film. After the movie we came out to a lit-up Americana. It's just as pretty at night too:
Fun times at The Americana.

Sunday morning, Lucy woke up and was still totally hot with a fever of 103. We gave her some Tylenol, a cold shower, and then Casey and I played tag-team church. He went first and taught YM, then I headed over for Sacrament Meeting. The best part about missing the first hour of church: there's a Methodist church across the street from us that plays the most gorgeous hymns from their bell tour. But it only happens at 9:30am. So we usually miss it (unless you're playing hookey)
By the afternoon, Lucy seemed back to her normal self. She wandered around, played with her people, and put them all to bed. Here she is giving kisses for everyone. They all got more than their share:

I'm not complaining about the heat because I'd rather have it warm than cold. But I'm certainly ready for the extreme temperatures to taper off. At least we have our ceiling fans to cool us off!


Nicole said...

What a fun weekend! I LOVE the video of Lucy, her talking is getting so clear, it is so cute. I hope she continues to feel better. I am glad you got ceiling fans, they make a world of difference!!

the bates motel said...

fun weekend. that americana place looks totally fun. and how nice to have some ceiling fans to cool off w/ the heat! glad lucy is doing ok too! see you next week!

megan said...

the heat is really scorching, isn't it?! I can't even get our apt to cool down at night. I like your new ceiling fan though! Good investment! Sorry to hear about lucy!! Hope she's feeling better soon!

tagunder said...

My favorite part of your post this time? This: Lucy "played with her people" before putting them to bed. Because for a minute, I thought you meant actual people. And I was like, wow. I totally underestimated Lucy. She has some real responsibilities. Playing with the people. Serious business.

Jean said...

Oooh, cool! Thanks for all the pictures of the complex - now I know what to expect when I someday eventually make my way over there. :-) Sounds like a great date!

Suman Family said...

love ceiling fans! it's so weird the temperature difference between where we live and you and your parents live. It's been hot but we're not like it is for you guys. one of these weekends we'll come meet you guys and go to some of the great shopping places you have up there. i'm interested to check it out. plus, we should get together and hang out - not always at your parents.

Ryan & Holly Willard said...

I love the video. Lucy is so cute! She's speaking so plainly.

Sara said...

I have to agree that ceiling fans are never that cute, but I am wishing we could install one here!
What fun date night, and as always we love the video of Lucy talking!

Camille said...

That's so nice to have the ceiling fans! Those are nice looking. Seriously, could those 80's gold nasty ones (that are in every apartment building) go away forever!! I'm glad to hear Lucy is feeling better. Poor little girl. You know it's bad when they just want to lay there. The Americana sounds like a fun place to hang out. I'm glad you guys had a good time. My favorite part in that movie was when Iron Man was in Afganistan blowing up the bad guys in that little town and selects all of the terrorists faces and shoots them all at once. That was so great! : ) I think Robert Downey Jr. did such a perfect job , and I totally agree, I'm so glad that they left things like that with Pepper and Tony. They set it up good for Iron Man 2. Also, (from my post) ya, we'll have to go to that cove in Laguna with you guys for sure this summer!

Heather said...

Paul said, "so I saw Dana Willard. She recognized me, of course, because of Reed. You know, I've met her like three times now, and every time she looks like a completely different person."

I just had to laugh. Sorry I missed you at one of my new-favourite places! Have you tried the Pinkberry yet? mmmmmm