5 Months Old

Owen turned 5 months old yesterday.
Here are his stats:
* 15 lbs (40th percentile)
* 25 1/4 inches (40th percentile)
* Drinks 4-6 ozs every few hours
* Still in limbo with formulas. The jury is out on Soy.
* Still only sleeps 5-6 hours max. Arrrrrg
* Is still swaddled when he sleeps
* Size 2 Target diapers
* Can almost roll from his back to stomach and vice versa
* Lots of drool, but no sign of teeth yet
* Blows bubbles
* Holds on to a few toys, but isn't fully aware of it yet
* Loves to smile and will usually smile at anyone who looks at him.

Here are some pictures of what he enjoys doing.
He hangs out in his bouncer and most recently, the Einstein Saucer. I love this picture because it really shows what his face looks like. Owen being Owen. I can sort of visualize what his face will look like grown-up: Sitting with Gram. He loves being held and being part of the action. He often watches Lucy all day long. Hard to imagine that one day he'll be running around with her.
And he wore big-boy jammies for the first time last night. He looked so adorable and grown-up to me. Since he wasn't in the mood for a photo-shoot, here's what I got. Can't tell if he's laughing or crying in that first one? Okay, it's a cry, but such a cute little sad face:
And....a more content Owen. We love you little boy!


Suman Family said...

Happy 5 months Owen! Ava was also 15 lbs at that age - I think Owen has more hair than she did though then! Ha ha! Way cute pics and love the PJs! :)

dana said...

yea, he has more hair than Lucy ever had too. Bummer, can't the girls get the more luscious hair?
And yea, the Pjs are cute. I think you actually gave them to us?!

Sara said...

he gets cuter and cuter (if it is possible) every time you post pictures of him! I grin when I see his huge grins!
He is starting to catch up to Makenna in weight- only 1 1/2 pounds to go!

Nicole said...

What percentile was in in for his head...I still don't think he has a big head compared to some of the noggins I have seen, it is perfect!! He does keep getting cuter and cuter!!

teresa and the boys said...

I'm in the lovin' the jammies club too -- so cute! He's becoming such a little person, even in pictures!

Lettie said...

I want those PJs! Actually I would love for my "hoo" to have them.
The running around together will be here faster than you know it (like I am sure you hear all the time). Sometimes I look at my boys and think it is weird that Alexander has caught up so much. Your kids look so much alike. I still can't tell who they look like though...just a good combo? What do other people say?

dana said...

His head is actually normal/average size. Yes, Casey thinks he's got a large noggin, but I confirmed with the doctor that all is fine. It's mostly just the shape...it's round and Charlie Brown-ish.

dana said...

Collette, we're not sure who our kids look like. Some say that Lucy looks like me and that Owen looks like Casey, but I've also heard that they're both a mix. But yea, they definitely look related!

Anne said...

You are so good about keeping track of your kids' stats and things they are doing. You'll be so happy to have all that later on.

Owen keeps getting cuter and cuter... what a babe! :)