Our day started out like this:And it ended like this:
She looks like a cartoon caricature of a turtle:
Poor little thing. We were hanging out at my Aunt's house. Rachael and I were inside talking. The kids were in the backyard playing and next thing we know, Lucy is face down on the concrete with a heavy plastic kitchen set on top of her, pining her to the ground. In retrospect I should have run out there faster but it didn't look that serious, until I got closer and saw blood coming from her nose. Rachael and I got the kitchen set off of her (still not sure how it fell. Did she pull on one of the cupboards too hard? Was she climbing on it? She has been known to climb) and I brought her in the house to clean off the blood. She bawled every time I touched her nose. We took her next door to my parent's house, turned on Yo Gabba Gabba and she still bawled. And it was a different sort of cry. She was really in pain. So, we went to the ER at Mission Hopsital in MV. (Thank you family for taking care of little Owen for me.) I wondered if I was overreacting but perhaps her nose was broken or she had some sort of concussion. We actually got in fairly quickly to see the doctor (considering this was the ER). We took Xrays (a horrible experience that I won't bother going into). But the bright news....at the end of it all, nothing was broken. She is fine, just very puffy and swollen:
I have a feeling it may look worse tomorrow when she wakes up.
Of course there were some bright spots in the evening (aside from the fact that the ER lost my driver's license. Lovely). Papa came down to stay with us:
I was so glad to have him there. It was so thoughtful, which is just how he is. And it was nice to have someone else there so that I didn't second guess everything I was doing. Lucy loved having him there. Half-way through our ER adventure she warmed up and started babbling her Lucy talk and even smiled a bit at Grandpa.

Another bright-spot, she eventually got to take off that pesky ID bracelet. Funny girl, she HATED having it on:
And lastly, she got to climb up in their cozy bed, just like Ikea! (only this Ikea came with probing doctors and nurses. She didn't like that part):
We're glad our little girl is fine and healthy. Some friends of ours had a very tragic accident happen to their daughter this past week and it's really got me thinking about how quickly things can turn upside-down.


debra said...

Oh- those pictures! Glad she's okay, but I totally understand why you went to the ER. You never know...

The Hunt House said...

So sad!!!!1 Poor little Lucy. That just broke my heart. I hope she feels better soon.

dietcokegrrl said...

Poor little thing! I hope she feels better soon! Glad the ER was fairly quick. Nothing worse than waiting for hours with a crying and hurt child.

Glad she is okay.

Suman Family said...

Oh my goodness! Who knew!? So scary! I am glad she is okay. Poor Lucy. The ER and little ones is never fun. I am sorry that you had to deal with all of that. Lost license? Ugh. I need to see a post picture. How did she do through the night? Was it hard for her to sleep?

lyndsey + brandon said...

omg poor little thing! that is the saddest story. post a day-after picture! i hope she's feeling better! (and i don't think you were overreacting at all -- better safe than sorry!)

Kenny and Linsey said...

Poor sad Lucy. Glad you got some moral support from your Dad and especially glad nothing was broken!

Grayson Family said...

I should have read this post before I asked about the last one. I'm glad she wasn't hurt too bad.