You really feel like part of your town,

when you know which checkers you prefer at which stores.

  • At the Target on Lake, there's a tall skinny lady that dresses kinda funny and looks sort of manish. She is the nicest and best checker there. I love talking to her. Very pleasant and good conversation.
  • At the Vons on Washington, there's a girl with crazy-died hair and she is slooow as molasses. If I see her light on, I immediately go to the next check-out stand.
  • At AMPM, the lady there came out to my car to meet Owen. She also gave me a free drink.
These are the people in my neighborhood.


dietcokegrrl said...

OK--I TOTALLY know who you are talking about at Target!! HAHAHA! There is also a really nice tall, big, black guy (his name is Troy) at Target who is so nice, a fast checker as well and always says hi to my kids (and asks me where they are when I go without them). Look for him if she isn't there (he is usually upstairs).

Also, there are several checkers at Trader Joe's (on Arroyo Pkwy) who know me well. In fact one of them lent me a dollar of his own money (he pulled out his wallet and everything) when I didn't bring enough cash and didn't have my debit card with me. He said to just pay him next time I came in.

So nice! I love how even though Pasadena is a big city, we have a small town feel.

dietcokegrrl said...

P.S. I am sooooo loving my Google Reader!

dana said...

Doris, I knew you would leave some comments on here about this! And YES, I've had that guy help me too. He's really nice/cool/fast checker.

And excellent way to state it, we kinda have a small town feel here.

Heather said...

I know exactly what you mean (although with the Glendale stores.)

:-) I love the sameness that routine shopping can provide. There's one checker at Ralph's who instead of rolling her eyes with my coupons seems rather impressed with the deals I get. And she not only composts at work because all grocers in California are supposed to do so, but she goes out of her way to recycle at home. A kindred soul of a different generation, for sure.

teresa and the boys said...

That's great, Dana... we're getting there here. In fact, at our Macey's (a grocery store in Utah), I often go to the line where the NATIONAL BAGGER CHAMPION is working. No really, she was on Letterman and everything.

Also, the drive-through people at our closest Sonic are starting to recognize me from my 3-a-week Diet Dr. Pepper runs. Good? I'm not sure.

laura said...

we refer to that checker as the man-woman. i bought some razors the other day and while she/he was bagging my goods she/he busted out a would-you-rather: daily shaving or having a period. before i could even give an answer she described the joys of menopause. fabulous.