A trip Downtown

It's been a while since we visited Casey at work, so today the kids and I took an adventure on the train. Lucy's been on it before but it's nothing she remembers. I told her an hour before we left that we were going on the train. For the next hour she continued to say "train? train?" She's in the stage now where she doesn't easily forget things that sound exciting! Here she is waiting on the platform in our second-hand double stroller (it's nothing fabulous, but does the job):
We parked at the Sierra Madre station and got the ONLY spot in the entire structure (which is a pretty big place). We just happened upon someone leaving at that moment. Phew.
Lucy wasn't too sure about all the noisy cars whizzing by on the platform:
The Gold Line takes you to Union station where we switched trains to the Red Line. Union Station is quite cool looking inside. I almost forgot we were in LA....it felt more like New York or DC:
We met Casey at his office, which is right in Downtown LA. I completely forgot to take a picture of him at his work. It's a cool old building. Their offices are on the 10th floor and it's very "loft" like with open desks and work spaces. There are two dogs that wander the office and Lucy had fun playing with them. We got some pizza for lunch and took it to a nearby park next to FIDM. It reminded me of a mini Central Park with all the tall buildings in the background. Gorgeous day (with Lucy running around barefoot on the grass):
Lucy kept waving over at me and Casey, "hi daddy! hi mommy!" Casey waved back:
Love those Bougainvillea. And Casey loves that joey word.
Owen mostly chilled on his blanket.
And Lucy also had fun playing with the bronze dog statues. She's a friend of the canines, fake or alive:
We had a fun time visiting you at work dad! Thanks for working so hard for us!


Nat said...

I love Lucy's face in reaction to the cars driving by...priceless. You have THE cutest family! You're totally my idol for taking 2 kids, double stroller in tow, downtown by yourself. Way to go! :)

Nicole said...

I am impressed taking 2 kids and the double stroller downtown too, alone none the less!! Looks like it was a fun day!

teresa and the boys said...

You are a brave, brave mommy. I usually schedule my trip to the grocery store for when Coop's at school, just so I only have one kid to watch. I'm even stressing already about the impending summer break and additional baby!

Wendi said...

You seriously have the cutest pictures on your blog! Lucy is so adorable. Glad to be able to know what's going on over in Cali! Looks like you guys had fun!

Jean said...

Oooh, that's so fun! I am dying to take the train into LA one of these days... maybe to Chinatown or something. Yay for a great outing!