The rest of Wednesday and most of Thursday

As I said, our day started out with smiles. We went to the Irvine Spectrum with Rachael, Karen, Camille, Laura, and all the kids for a little Wahoos:
Then we spent some time walking around. Lucy loves the variety of fountains and probably wishes she could jump in this one. This picture is funny to me because she's holding a raisin box which she started eating in the car as we drove there:She held on to these raisins during lunch, she walked around this fountain with them, and she continued to clutch them as we played in the jumping water fountains an hour later. She is THE slowest eater I know. This is why she rarely eats a meal at the table. We would spend hours sitting there. Instead, I give her finger foods.
Ava has an obsession with strollers, regardless of size. She totally went for Rachael's heavy double-jogger and started pushing it around the Spectrum. So funny!We finally made it to the jumping fountains. Laura and Aunt Karen:
A very rare picture of Owen actually sucking on his pacifier. He really doesn't like the thing but when he's really tired he'll go for it:
Lucy taught Ava how to say "Cheese!" at the camera this weekend. And now she's addicted. I love this picture. She's got the cheesiest adorable grin and all sorts of cracker pieces in her mouth:
After the Spectrum we went back to Gram's house and some of Jeremy's friends came over for a playdate. They're all 6 year olds, but they were real cute and let Lucy tag along. Mostly she just stood there watching what they were doing. But every once in a while I would check on her and the kids would say, "oh she's fine! We're taking care of her." It was really cute. Here they are making a snake (like a chinese dragon), while Lucy stands there watching:

(Insert ER episode here) and here are pictures when we got home:

Thursday morning Lucy was in good puffy spirits, so we decided to stick with our plans and headed to Disneyland with Camille and Jeremy. Yay! Red was the color of the day:

Jeremy was brave and wanted to try Indiana Jones when we got there. So Lucy, Owen, and I went on the carousel. We took her on one at the mall last week and she bawled when she had to get off. Now she could ride as much as she wanted:
We went on it twice and almost did a third ride, but I spent too long feeding Owen and she got distracted and forgot.
Next we went on Pirates:
and the Haunted Mansion. Lucy's still at an age where she doesn't think the dark is scary so she seemed to enjoy both of the rides. And besides, there were pirates!

Camille and Jeremy left before us so the kids and I headed to California Adventure. We didn't go on a single ride. Instead, we just hung out in the front main area. We got Burrbank Ice Cream, watched the waterfall, and walked around the seating area near the big Sunshine. Lucy loves flowers (whoops, I didn't realize that she picked those. I don't let her do that, I promise):
And while Lucy wandered my body got a break while Owen chilled in the red stroller, no longer attached to me. Red really was in style:
We left by 7pm, had a great drive, and when Casey got home he and Lucy did puzzles. We also found the cutest note with two little flowers in our mailbox. From Owen Hunt, "Get Well Soon Lucy!" It was so sweet and adorable.
A well-spent Thursday!


Kim said...

you really do go 88 miles an hour. AMAZING all the places you and your kiddos go. Maybe when Sarah has a little sibling we will go more because she will have to get out but for now one little outing a day is great for us. Am I boring?!?

Kenny and Linsey said...

ER one day and Disneyland the next? I think my kids want to come live with you.

Camille said...

I'm so glad we ended up going to Dland. It really was a good time and fun to be there with you. I'm glad Jer was brave and did some good rides this time.

Suman Family said...

Cute pics. Looks like a fun time at Disneyland. Sorry we didn't meet up with you guys. Next time. Fun at the Spectrum too - I'll have to swipe some pics!