Cinco De Mayo

The great American pastime. I'm not sure if any real Mexicans in Mexico celebrate it...but we sure like to. And our friend Sherri decided to throw an impromptu potluck party at Lacy Park. It was great! (despite the cold weather). Lots of fun people:And lots of yummy food:Here's Sherri, the ringleader of it all and Sarah. Great idea Sherri!
Annie Koop with Camdyn, Niki Fakrell, and me and Owen (sucking on the Bjorn, his favorite pastime):
Tawni La Salle and Laura Daines with Charlie:
I like to think Lucy was really savoring her food,
"mmmm, best, guac, ever."
I promise our heads aren't really the same size
And there was plenty of swinging for all the kids. Sammy and Lauren looked so cute sharing the same swing. A little blurry, but still cute:
Chloe and Lucy were in sync:
Chloe's expression is awesome:I hear rumors that we may start doing this once a month? To which I say, "here, here! Let's do it!" I love last minute parties with fun people.


The Facks of Life said...

It was so much fun! I'm all for the once a month thing. Three cheers for Sherri Gunn and Cinco De Mayo!

Nicole said...

So, I can't believe it but did we have better weather than you in Calif for once this year?? We were a nice warm 77 yesterday.

La La Land said...

Last night was so much fun! Thanks for documenting it! I had my camera with me, but was too hungry and busy to take photos. Let's definitely make this a once a month party. Oh,and you are in charge of bringing ice cream sandwiches every time!

Suman Family said...

looks like fun! we went to an impromptu get together too - no camera though. i love that cinco de mayo seems to be catching on as a day to have a fiesta!

gunnfam said...

I'm happy it turned out so well. Especially those yummy ice cream sandwiches! I think I'll start posting the "family night potluck" and remind everyone the first monday of every month. That way we can have some fun BBQ and such throughout the summer. I vote that you get to document them all, since you are the offical camera woman!
PS-thanks for letting me crash at your house and watch Dancing with the Stars!

Kizzycakes said...

didn't i already say i have to stop reading your blog cuz it makes me miss pasadena too much? we so wish we coulda been there -- i made enough pork on cinco de mayo to feed carnitas to the whole lacy park crowd -- but instead we're eating them for the next 2 weeks. glad to see the good times.