Big Headband

Lucy doesn't usually let me put hats or headbands on her head. She immediately pulls them off. But lately we've been playing a little game with her baseball hat (it's a cute, tiny hat...just her size). She'll put it on my head and laugh ("mommy's hat!") and then I'll put it on her head ("Lucy's hat!")...okay...this is sounding real retarded. But it's cute because she'll leave the hat on her head for a while and just waddle around the house with it on.

So today I put one of my headbands on her, and she loved it. She tried to take it off a few times, but then decided she still wanted it on. I thought she looked real cute. band2.jpgband.jpg

Fat guy in a litttttttle coaaaaat. I mean, small head with a big headbaaaand. (sorry)

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